1 Commonwealth Return Answers A Big Walking Dead Season 11 Mystery

WARNING: FOR SPOILERS the walking dead season 11, episode 22

Shocking return of 1 character the walking dead Clears up an important Commonwealth thriller. during the walking dead Season 11 Half 2, a strange notice had slipped under Connie’s door. To his shock, it contained a list of names associated with his investigations into the clandestine operations of the Commonwealth.

Finally, the archive revealed what these names refer to. In the walking dead In Season 11, Episode 22, titled “Faith”, Tyler Davis returns as one of the many people held captive at the Commonwealth Labor Camp, Outpost 22. Tyler’s appearance in the episode not only makes it clear where he was taken, but also sheds it. Gentle on the character of Connie’s List. The last name on the list was none other than Tyler Davis, implying that the listing was intended to show the existence of Commonwealth labor camps. With that happening, it is understandable that the rest of the names belong to others enslaved by the Commonwealth at Outpost 22.

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An Important Walking Dead Mystery Remains

However, what the listing was about has finally been confirmed the walking dead continues to carefully protect the identity of the person from whom it came. There are only two episodes currently that want to end, and but the walking dead Yet no one is close to revealing Connie’s secret ally. When this was first proven, it was speculated that the listing was written by Mercer. However, Mercer’s denial of entanglement does not aid that theory. And while his scene with Eugene at the end of “Faith” prompts him to finally turn on Pamela Milton, there’s no indication that he was already taking measures to stop the Commonwealth at this point. .

Who knows about the labor camps of the Commonwealth?

It’s a question at Price that may have identified enough about labor camps to try to tip Connie. Mercer may or may not be conscious, as he was not shocked when Yumiko told him about the princess.where does god goIt doesn’t show that he knows about it. the Walking deads labor camp, although he knows little about what happened. And other than Pamela Milton, it’s unclear if there is anyone else inside the group who has these solutions. After all, it’s unlikely that many within the Commonwealth are in on the secret, especially when considering that its propaganda could destroy every part Pamela created.

There’s a high chance the listing (and supply) will come into play again the walking dead rushes to his conclusion. Whatever happens to Eugene, the motive is that Pamela Milton will eventually be defeated, and the way she falls may be related to the labor camps of the Commonwealth. The prisoners escape and Pamela’s secrets and strategies are finally revealed, which may still destroy her hold on the people in her group.

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