10 Eccentric Characters Who Would Be Great On a Reality TV Show

Some characters are considered relatable to the audience. Then there are few who make the present unforgettable. Whether they are saying what they are saying, how they are saying it or to whom they are telling, these people are different. Some fan favorites, along with the universally adored Phoebe Buffet, will transition from their fictional roles to reality TV quite nicely.

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Watching as Ava Coleman teaches Housewives how to step up? Witness the play created by Jack McFarland every week? Everyone knows who will keep the others in line on the list…maybe using his leg. They are likely to be overpriced at times, which suggests that they could very well be the perfect match for reality television.

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Ava Coleman (“Abbott Elementary”)

Coleman with his Abbott primary associates
image via abc

As the principal of Abbott Elementary, Ava Coleman did not think about what was happening in her college. played by Janelle James, Coleman staggers back and forth amidst the eagerness to be concerned and not to understand that she is blackmailing the superintendent. When her abilities begin to wane, Ava continues to make sure her management duties don’t get in the way of her self-care.

Coleman doesn’t filter a single thought. This will trouble him in the show, but it can make him a star in this other world. As viewers can see his strengths and potential, they root for him to grow and do extras for scholars and academics Abbott Primary, If they are seeing her in reality shows then they can do the same.

Kitty Patton (“White Lotus”)

Kitty Patton showing off her reality star potential

He has the money and is quick to share his opinion that it’s okay to be a trophy spouse. Kitty Patton (Performed by.) Molly Shannon) would definitely make a great addition to any real housewives Voting. It’s hard to tell whether viewers will want to see Kitty Patton on reality TV, or if it’s the actress playing Patton that will be more entertaining.

any way, andy cohen He would have known that he would get dramatic footage because his relationship with his son and his wife would definitely be a serious story. Although the character is not on white LotusForIn the long run, this may simply be because she is preparing for her role as a Real Housewife.

Buster Bluth (“Arrested Development”)

Buster in Arrested Development

because he never had a perfect job, arrested DevelopmentBuster Bluth (sung by.) Tony Hale) won’t have to worry about lack of work while he’s shooting for his reality television gig. He definitely wants his mom, Lucille, to stick it up. She doesn’t hate highlights, so this could be a strong bundle deal.

The only appearance that Buster (and Lucille) should avoid using for amazing race, Between Lucille’s heavy smoking and Buster’s lack of map expertise (plus a lifetime of secondhand smoke from his mom), this could very well be a goofy entry. The pair will most positively have some unimaginable matching outfits, no matter what show they’re on.

Phoebe Buffet (“Friends”)

Perfect Reality TV Content

Who wouldn’t need to see more than Phoebe? character (performed by Lisa Kudrow) From Friend There is a zest for all times and just enough curiosity to accept when such a possibility is offered.

She is sure to hold her guitar to entertain reality television friends, and will seemingly be there to address her new friends’ issues. Though Phoebe won’t be one of those who enjoy confrontation, her inability to keep ideas and secrets and techniques within herself could very well be the gas that helps start some seriously heated drama.

Sheldon Cooper (“The Big Bang Theory”)

spending time with his friend Penny

Sheldon Cooper big bang theory She has many levels and successes, earning her first Ph.D. at the age of 16. Why not add “reality star” to her list of achievements? At first he could refuse, because he does not like socializing with other people. Cooper (performed by Jim Parsons) He needs some time to build a robust circulation chart to help him weigh the pros and cons of his option.

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In the tip, he will turn on all probability signals. Then, in true Sheldon vogue, he would complain about his closing offer and get very pessimistic about the whole thing. Still, a contract is a contract, and he’ll make sure you become the underdog (except for the premise of his new reality that includes physics or common sense) that everyone pleases.

Charlie Kelly (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”)

Showing off your reality TV potential

Charlie Kelly may be the perfect reality TV star. This character (played by charlie day) wouldn’t be afraid to embarrass himself… by any means. He’s charming, but also sometimes overlooked, so he’ll be able to strike something out just to get noticed.

Viewers can count on Charlie to get themselves into many amusing and uncertain situations. The viewers will probably get to see a special aspect of it too. It’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaStar. He’s used to spending time with his core group, so nothing can be said about what’s going to happen when he leaves his bubble to make new friends.

Jack McFarland (“Will & Grace”)

He Can Bring Fun and Drama to Any Reality TV Gig

It goes without saying that this character will need the truth he exists to change his name. “Just Jack” would probably be his pitch. played by Sean HayesJack McFarland is cute and sassy. Her outsized confidence will probably be an asset, regardless of the kind of reality TV she’s a part of.

Aside from the celebrity and glory that comes with the ceremony, Jack certainly wouldn’t be sure that it would have to be rubbed within his face. will and gracecostar that he is now the star.

Stevie Griffin (“Family Guy”)

If He Could Bring His Teddy, He Would Do Great On Reality TV

There’s Just One Downside with Stevie Griffin (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) showing a reality at present. The little guy will be sure to sabotage and handle all the challenge. the youngest in family Guy The crew, he is searching for a technique to get the energy and management due to launch.

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A competition type gig by the way might be the way for Stevie to go. He’s smart, pushy and likes to solve issues (when he’s not making them up). In a show that makes time to sit around and chat, Stevie may have too many options to get into trouble.

Cosmo Kramer (“Seinfeld”)

always unique and out

The man knows how to make an entrance. Cosmo Kramer, performed by Michael Richardsis the least intelligent Seinfeld Crew. Their friends are usually full of complaints about the real world. Kramer is in his own personal world, so he doesn’t fret over the little things.

Cosmo can be a fabulous reality TV participant. Hopefully his roommates don’t mind sharing their issues as he is recognized for borrowing and making the most of his neighbor’s stuff (and food!). Kramer is hoping that cigars are offered as well.

Red Foreman (“That ’70s Show”)

The face he makes when asked what a reality TV show is

With the chance to move away from the family that constantly haunts him, viewers will understand why Red Forman (played by) Kurtwood Smith) indicator earlier than anyone else. Raid would go a long way in any reality TV situation if there was a comfy den chair and newspaper entry.

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The foreman has a unique ability to resolve the issues that trouble him. If he achieves his level of breakdown, he is reprimanded to set off any chaos that may arise. While he may not look and act like an everyday reality star, his unusual approach may help him rise to the top. with all That ’70s Show Shenanigans, he would need to present a present with a money prize. He always wants to heal the hurt caused by his children and their friends.

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