10 Movies Where The Beginning Is The Best Bit, According To Reddit

From Noof gore starting sequence to Top Gun: MaverickThe nostalgic first scene, movie fans have got some memorable openings this year. Although each of these films managed to maintain the high quality threshold, not every film could make that claim.

While some movies, including the famous James Bond Collections, usually starting with large motion set-pieces that become so all-round that it’s impossible to relive that stage, some movies simply disappoint because a strong opening gives way to a poor film gen. . These are the movies that Reddit believes are just too early to peak.

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Hugh Jackman’s enduring reputation for Wolverine means followers are excited about his possible return deadpool 3 However this does not mean that every film involving the protagonist has been basic. X-Men Origins: Wolverine Initially delivers on its promise, though with a classy opening that reaffirms how the protagonist wields his trademark grit in wars through the historical past.

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redditor panz04er Agreed that this is a “really good opening credits scene”, although the response was that “the rest of the film was not very good.” With a plot that critics felt bland and the character didn’t develop in any extra attention-grabbing ways, the film hasn’t been as lively as its bright debut.

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

If any film collection is understood for its spectacular opening scenes, it is 007 Voting. Whether it’s the tacky, over-the-top openings of earlier motion pictures or the tense, highly choreographed tempo of Daniel Craig’s era, there’s always one thing to get followers excited about whether to return.

The Spy Who Loved Me There’s definitely a difference to the previous type, with an iconic motion sequence that ends with Bond opening the Union Jack parachute as he descends the mountain. for the radiator chaoticcoco, it is so iconic that “there is nothing above that opening.” Even for those who love the rest of the film, the permanent picture is always the beginning of that extraordinary.

Dark City (1998)

Although it did not perform well in the field workplace, dark CityThe distinctly insane sci-fi allure of the show has turned it into a cult core, with a TV reportedly in the works. The director’s minimalist throws the audience straight into its dark plot with its amnesiac protagonist presented by Rufus Sewell, waking up in a resort bathtub and immediately forced to flee from mysterious figures.

redditor rocket5943 It thinks that, while it is an “overall good film,” its beginning is where the film peaks as a result of “it’s just so atmospheric and filthy”. This effect is barely amplified by the fact that it begins so abruptly, the audience is left clueless as to the primary character. Many have praised the film’s catchy concept, but it could have been executed better than the opening.

Ghost Ship (2002)

Although the idea of ​​a supernatural horror centered on the eerie ruins of a grand ocean liner had the potential to be a novel and chilling specialization, ghost ship A by-product got severely banned due to plot and low-grade scares. Redditors love DrunkYHM The film was overshadowed by another purpose.

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They believe that the opening scene where horrific devastation takes place on the Titanic made for an “amazing, incredibly memorable opening scene”. With its horrifying details, the debut quickly garnered a lot of curious audiences, who were inevitably disillusioned with the fact that “the rest of the film is garbage.”

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017)

Based on the French science fiction comics collection Valerian and Laureline, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets There was a film rooted in certain science-fiction ideas, at least not in the film’s sprawling home metropolitan setting. Unfortunately, while the film was consistently beloved, its execution left most viewers feeling cold.

However, an early opening sequence that shows how Metropolis evolved from the International Space Station, posted on Redditor . influenced any name leftanymore Which deems it worthy of a “chef’s kiss”. A mix of the natural and the scientific, the opening confirmed how the film would have attracted attention given its artistic concepts, although the remainder of the film was largely unhandled.

Swordfish (2001)

With an all-star solid featuring John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry and Don Cheadle, swordfish There may have been a high-tech motion thriller for the ages, and it had the difference to match. It begins with a tense monologue from Travolta’s hacker lead character, before opening up as a jaw-dropping slow-motion explosion that’s extremely well executed.

redditor Mad It is called the “bad ass shot”, which is also compared to the permanent “bullet-time effect from the Matrix”, although “then the film happens”. It was literally to the detriment of the film that it debuted so strongly that it didn’t have its sleeves to lift it up again. By the time the credits roll on its weak plot, the brilliant opening is long forgotten.

28 Weeks Later (2007)

While the sequel was unable to hit the same heights as Danny Boyle’s brilliant post-apocalyptic horror film 20 years earlier, 28 weeks later Handled to pull off a good view worthy of unique with its opening. redditor chrome86 Loves the “chaotic” sequence that sees a domestic attempt to escape the swarming zombies.

Though it was nothing like a silent ghostly opening 28 days later, it accurately demonstrated how the sequel is meant to take the issues through depth to a later stage. Unfortunately, it’s almost unthinkable for a full feature-length film to maintain that platform, and it’s no shock that 28 weeks later does not receive it.

Die Another Day (2002)

It didn’t quite handle what it was supposed to be as a start. The Spy Who Loved Me Although die Another DayThe opening of Pierce Brosnan’s tough and tumultuous opening in the depths of a North Korean prison only to turn into a ridiculously entertaining hovercraft chase scene is special enough in its own right.

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That’s Half What Appeals to Redditors Bakhshi, which calls it “the most original debut of any Bond film”. Not everyone will agree with his assessment that “the rest of the movie is just awful” but there’s no denying that it descends into a barely cartoonish case that doesn’t really do its tense opening justice.

X2: X-Men United (2003)

Whereas the second film within the collection has been sped up so much by most of the followers which is in relation to best X Men Moviesredditor ozlin believe it suffers from the same problem as X-Men Origins: Wolverine Where the opening sequence is one of the best half ever. They are particularly rewarded with “a sense of tension and chaos,” as in Nightcrawler’s attack on the White House.

They also argue that it “really demonstrates how dangerous mutants can be” in an approach that makes it stand out from the rest of the collection. Thankfully the film handles that to take care of the extreme phase of tension because X Men Check out this new exposure however the spectacular nature of the opening puts it on another platform.

Hancock (2008)

whereas Hancock A popular film, one of the many biggest criticisms of the Will Smith-led superhero film is that it doesn’t deliver on its immense potential. With a gap sequence in which a drunk Hancock stirs chaos in his clumsy, attempts to stop crime in LA, the film immediately tells the audience that this is not a standard superhero film and it does so in kind.

redditor aisblading Agreed that the opening is spectacular and the response is “I still love the whole movie, but it feels really unsatisfying at the end.” Although Hancock Starts off in a very different route with far less confidence than many would be most popular if it stored the specific eclectic kind that made the opening so good in the first place.

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