10 Netflix Comedy Specials Like Nick Kroll: Little Big Boy

Nick Kroll’s knack for the comedy genre has spanned multiple mediums, from TV to movies, from Broadway to podcasts, two hit cartoon sequences with great renewals, and now, his first Netflix stand-up comedy special. As the hour-long sequence of stories and jokes has been highly praised since its launch in late September, many have questioned where they’ll be getting their next, relatable remake for a few laughs.

Some might associate Nick Kroll with particular comedians such as his standup boy group and people with whom he is attracted to and creates a wide variety of content material. And luckily, a lot of these others have already been in the highlights a while, allowing for this post-little big boy A truly relatable, and equally hilarious, comedy binge to steer on the path.

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Taylor Tomlinson: Look at you

Taylor Tomlinson is a bit new to the standup comedy scene, although her expressions have already been closely watched. In the wheelhouse really related to Nick Kroll’s comedy, Tomlinson’s latest Netflix special, look at yourself, There is a fine mix of self-deprecation and arrogance that claims as much about the viewer who enjoys the present as it does about him.

Despite his typically messy selection of topics, on this special, Tomlinson also takes a deep dive into psychological health, sharing some of his personal struggles and the way he felt as he received the diagnosis and coped with life. , taking all the audience with him for a really comical experience.

Tom Segura: Ball Hog

Tom Segura has several standup comedy specials on Netflix, one better than the next. If Kroll’s cruder themes are one thing that intrigue, Tom Segura’s comedy is the pure latter step.

His most up-to-date special which was released in 2020, ball hog There is a 70 minute joke which no one can even think of telling in public, but all are jokes which make the audience teary-eyed.

Bo Burnham: Make Happy

Although he doesn’t usually do straight stand-up comedy, almost all of his material material takes on a musical type, Bo Burnham, especially in his 2016 standup special, as an alternative. To please, shares a really relatable humor with comedians like Nick Kroll. Oddballed, risque, and often dark, 2 Comedians has a great deal of overlap with their fanbase, in addition to some of their content material.

Burnham, who has many unimaginable lyrics from his specials, has rapidly risen to recognition during the past two years with the discharge of his dark comedy, the introspective quarantine special, withinAlthough his longtime followers know from his stage work and more standup-like bits over the years, his comedy has diversified and increased significantly in highlights over his decade and a half.

Jenny Slate: Stage Freight

Jenny Slate’s stage fright, his first and only Netflix special, to date, is a perfect mix of humorous stories about his life and documentary-like moments about his family and his childhood home. It’s enjoyable, genuine, and heartfelt, and a perfect portrayal of Slate’s character, Ordinary.

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Slate has been identified with Kroll for working with Kroll on his various initiatives over the years, and the two have proven to be quite involved, so it’s no shock that the 2 of them will have related perspectives on life. Seems, a similar knack for hilarious impressions. That said, fans of the two actors’ earlier work together will find themselves just as proud of this special as they are with Kroll.

Mike Birbiglia: The New One

Although somewhere between an in-person appearance and a standup comedy special, Mike Birbiglia’s the new one Takes viewers through the journey of his life in a fashion like Nick Kroll. In it, Birbiglia tells tales of her relationship, family and the issues that have come to make her who she is in the present.

Mike Birbiglia and Nick Kroll each have tell tales of being old friends Faculty and have publicly supported each other over the years. Although their storytelling styles differ greatly, they are related to humorous taste and vitality to match.

Hasan Minhaj: The King’s Jester

His second and latest Netflix standup special, Hasan Minjah: The King’s Jester is another good chaser for little big boy, The particular is extremely witty and satirical, while being simultaneously heartfelt and serious, making a lot of sense as to who Minhaj is, relatable enough to Kroll’s stories.

whereas king’s jester Tackles different issues and, at times, feels like there are too many tonal variations inside, the model new Netflix special has been topping the charts for a purpose, all for its honesty as well as its comedy. The place resonates with the audience.

Wanda Sykes: Not Normal

Wanda Sykes is a decades-long actress and comedian with excellent aptitude for a brilliantly dramatic story. Being in the comedy game for the longest time, his fun never waned and his 2019 Netflix special not normal is as humorous as any of his various units.

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Although Wanda Psyche’s comedy sometimes pays more tribute to Mike Birbiglia than to Nick Kroll, they still share sarcastic social media commentary and a love for teasing their families. They generally move in the same circles, each with goofy personalities and wits who, undoubtedly, can be in the same wheelhouse.

Eliza Schlesinger: Elder Millennial

Like Nick Kroll, Iliza Schlesinger has become a Netflix legend. With a unique film, a comedy sketch present, and 5 standup comedy specials on the service, the latest as of the launch of October 11, 2022, Iliza is most positively a star with an unimaginable humour.

As she climbs up in her profession, the laughs keep pouring in. Ilija’s theatrics and expertise for voice and physical comedy are entirely typical of her definite stage character and considered by each to be one of her works, and certainly one thing that followers little big boy You will find yourself attracted. Elder Millennial, The character, in particular, showcases Schlesinger’s character perfectly, and is a must-see for all followers of the amusing, absurd, and irreverent comedy.

Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife

Ali Wong’s career has taken off in community TV and streaming services alike over the years. Most recently he has played an important role in Kroll’s show human resource, The addition of a Titanic function within the recently refurbished Adult Swim presents Tuka and BertieAnd just this year launched its third Netflix comedy hour, don wong,

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The second of her Netflix standup routine, in hard knock wife, Wong talks a lot about what she felt in her first round of parenthood and jokes about preparing for her second. Both the comedy genre and some of the material here are like Kroll’s particular style, so hard knock wife Can be a great addition to the lineup.

John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous

It should come as no surprise that John Mulaney, Kroll’s longtime friend, Oh hello! costar, and collaborator big mouth Offense, it will set the record. As the two of them are sometimes lumped together in terms of their acting and comedy types, it is usually a safe bet {that a fan of 1 is a fan of the other.

Of all his solo comedy hours, kid gorgeous Considered one of John Mulaney’s funniest, fine-tuned and most frequently cited works of standup. As he continues to tour actively on his months-long “From Scratch Tour”, Mulaney remains a guarded bet for anyone with the need to take the extra leap up the rabbit gap of Nick Kroll-style off-kilter comedy. Is.

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