10 TV Shows That Changed Drastically After Their First Season

With so many new innovations of revelation on the horizon, it’s fascinating to look at revelations that have already come and gone. Many shows that aired years ago performed well, however, their first season was quite different from the rest of the show, usually leading to loss or achievement of fans.

shows like this The OfficeAnd agents of SHIELD It was substantially revised after its first season and continued in a positive manner until its current finale.

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The Office

The Office The TV show has stood the test of time, starting as a British sitcom, then making its strategy to the states. The Office, On the skin, there’s a wonderfully crafted mockumentary, but when inspecting the first season, fans find it all too easy to let go of the proper past.

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Because the first season has no essence, falls flat on the jokes, and fails to send the essence of the later seasons, this first season is not only skippable, but unlike the opposite season itself. Needless to say, this first season has changed a lot from the opposite season to tonight.

parks and Recreation

to like Office, Parks and Recreation Filmmaking is kind of gimmicky, and even its first season could be skipped really easily. It is highly instructed that fans skip the first season of Parks and Rec because the number of people in that season decreased. This resulted in some strange coursework and tries to make the show look like its sister collection, The Office,

After a bumpy first season, the show begins to pick up the pace, bringing with it additional optimistic and healthy emotions. With this new tone taken over in later seasons, the actors are able to pounce on each other for comic aid, but that first season has to be removed.

brooklyn nine nine

whereas Brooklyn Nine-Nine The first season is satisfying in a way, yet it stands out from the rest of the season. Currently a main topic is Jake Peralta’s progress throughout the season.

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It being mentioned that in later seasons, it is extremely noticeable that Andy Samberg settled into his position as Jake, and this was proved by his character. It is for these reasons that his character development has been misdirected and misdirected during the first season.

agents of SHIELD

whereas agents of SHIELD An incredible Marvel spin-off current, its first season wanted some work. Despite being shot in the twenty-first century, most of the dialogues seem almost stitched together and staged much like films of the fifties. That being mentioned, the writing change from Season 1 to Season 2 was extremely drastic and far-fetched.

Obviously the show quickly picks up when the pace of storytelling changed, and it became extremely engaging and entertaining to watch, yet that first season turned some fans off from the show.


What started out as a show full of horror, was a present devoted to the exploration of mythology and lore. While this change prompted some fans to leave the show, many loved the change in tempo.

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At the head of this change, subsequent seasons tend to focus on a broader story, which relatively took up your entire season compared to a week-by-week type with episodes relatable to each other. Needless to say, divineBetween the first and last season, his show changed a lot.

friend One of the iconic sitcoms that aired on TV was and remains so, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the first season of the show significantly differed from its subsequent seasons. For one, a lot of the jokes fell flat. The actors didn’t bounce back one by one for help, causing the dialogue to fall from the waist.

On top of that, characters like Phoebe and Joey have changed drastically in the show going from well-understood characters to resident airheads. The first season of FRIENDS is said to be quite different from the second season in terms of each character development and storytelling.


Lucifer’s The first season is completely different from the coming season. Not only does the show change from a horror-themed show, but it turns into an extra-comedic show, which is not only the opposite of the first season, but completely in contrast to the horror theme.

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At its head, lucifer What begins as a procedural appearance more than anything else, and soon after the primary season, the writers abandoned that type of story altogether, making the individual seasons of Lucifer quite different from their earlier ones.

even though Umbrella Academy As each season follows the same story (siblings save the world from apocalypse), the characters and their personalities changed drastically between the first and second seasons.

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Within the first season the siblings begin to identify with each other, almost unlike each other, and this mentality lasts until the end of the season. As Season 2 begins, even though there’s still animosity, it’s not practically as intense as it was in the first season.

Korra. legend of

even though Korra. legend of The TV series is very fast, the first season is still very different from the rest three seasons. After all, this difference is related to the character of Korra and the whole story. In the primary season, Korra is stubborn, arrogant and willing To do something no matter what guidelines it breaks. The current image as a whole is Avatar The Last Airbender In that now Aang learns a component like Korra.

After this season, however, Korra softens, and her character traits change a lot so that she is a completely different person from the first season to the second. This character change allowed the show to explore more complex stories, leading to Korra. legend of An extra evocative TV collection.

strange things

one of the good parts of strange things It is true that fans get to see the lead characters grow on screen. With that progress, in fact comes the first season which is quite different from the next season.

Because the kids are so young in the first season, not only isn’t the story as well-knit, but the horror stuff gets sloppy, while in the second season, too, horror becomes an important theme in TV. The collection as a whole, whereby the theme of your entire TV series changed substantially from the primary season to the second season, and worked strongly with that development.

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