6 heroes are known for their harem from the 80’s now.. Sangavi who showed the harem with Eku Tappai Vijay.

Glamor has been a big part of films since the beginning of cinema till date. Here’s a look at the top 6 actresses who made their cuteness a top priority from the 80s to 2023. Especially in the 90s, Sangvi angered the youth by playing Ekku Tappai opposite Vijay.

Silk Smitha: He started his screen career in 1970 and made his debut as a liquor salesman in the film Vandichakkaram in the role of Chilku. His face and voice are adorable. By then he had softened the young man by showing his charisma in the film.

In these 17 years of film experience, he has done 350 films which are amazing. He has also acted in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi language films. She did a fabulous dance with Vijay in the song “Annamalai Deepam”. Even though she has left the world, it is clear that even today there is no lovely heroine born to match her in the film industry.

Jaymalini: He has acted in more than 500 films in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi languages. Though she first made her Hindi debut in the 80s, she later became a fangirl’s dream in Tamil by playing her rabbit character. Because Jayamalini is in the film, the young man went to the theater and saw it in the crowd. Till then Jayamalini was surprising people with her flattering eyes.

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Ranjitha: He made his debut in 1992 with director Nadodi Theeral Bharathiraja. Apart from Tamil, he has also worked in Malayalam and Telugu films. She became a top heroine in the 90s by acting decently in films like Jaihind, Karnan, Comrade Pandian, Peace Corps, Tamilachi Lokasakshi, Periya Maruthu, Chinna Vaathiyar.

i shed blood: Ajith made his acting debut with the 1993 film Amaravati. She then starred opposite Vijay in films such as Rasikan, Vishnu, Coimbatore Mappillai and Nilave Vaa. In both the songs like “Humma Humma Naan Chinna Ponnu”, Chillena dances together to the delight of Chillena as well as Sanghvi and Vijay Safedi. Actually, it was because of Sanghvi’s charisma that Vijay’s films used to run in theatres.

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Mumtaz: She made her debut in the movie “Monisha Aur Mona Lisa” and showed her charm by acting in many movies with toned body. The song “Katipudi Katiputida” sung with Vijay in the film Khushi is still popular among the youth.

Friend: In the 2000s, actor and actress Namitha became a top actress in Tamil films alongside leading actors such as Vijayakanth, Sarathkumar, Ajith, Parthiban, Sundar C, Sathyaraj and others. Also, she will have a girl opposite Vijay in Tamil magan Aashagaya. At that time the fans will be eager to see his acting and handsome look on the screen. After this, Namita, who got married, threw herself into films.

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So these six actresses from the 80s are still known for their charm. Even now, Sanghvi’s charisma attracts young Vijay.

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