8 Ways ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ Can Preserve the Memory of Chadwick Boseman

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever The launch will take place on November 11. Before its launch, many viewers were speculating about how the franchise would proceed. Chadwick Boseman in 2020. Marvel Studios’ resolve not to redo T’Challa has received mixed reactions.

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Many viewers genuinely feel that he embodied the character so perfectly, it’s hard to think of a T’Challa who isn’t Chadwick Boseman, while others have a specific curiosity in exploring Black Panther’s untold stories, Arguing that the new stories did not combine – write your legacy within the MCU. Filmmakers have stated that the film will honor Chadwick Boseman’s legacy, but the question remains: How?

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Pay tribute in the opening credits


The most popular idea of ​​honoring Chadwick’s contribution to the character of Black Panther may be a tribute outside the film itself. After his demise, Marvel Studios momentarily revised black Panther The opening sequence on Disney Plus changes the colors of the Marvel Studios emblem to purple and black, while only Chadwick’s scenery changes.

Since the opening sequence was revamped on Disney Plus, it is anticipated that the opening sequence of the new film will repeat the work that Chadwick completed with the first film, which honored the man who created Black Panthers.

on-screen presence


Following Boseman’s premature and tragic demise, Kevin Feige stated that he would neither recreate nor use CGI to recreate Chadwick’s Black Panther. While T’Challa’s story had actually just begun, many fans dismissed the concept of using CGI to bring him back, claiming that it might actually sound unfinished.

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Nevertheless, it is still possible to include his on-screen presence. In the trailer, there is a temporary shot of T’Challa’s image in Wakanda, indicating that he is still an integral part of the film. Although rumors that he shot some scenes before his demise seem far-fetched, and are only rumours, could theoretically be integrated into a flashback or previously deleted scenes. This could offer continuity for the MCU as the sudden disappearance of each lesser-used and unexplored character arc would have to be rationalized on-screen.

cancer diagnosis


As T’Challa’s off-screen presence has been confirmed to be justified through the character’s demise, many viewers have speculated as to how it would be defined. Many fans have shown interest in a cancer research story that hinges on the truth of his premature death.

Arguably, most of the cancer story is more grounded than explaining that T’Challa succumbed to accidents in battle or sacrificed himself for Wakanda off-screen because it reiterates that superheroes also suffer from a real-life illness. can be. Not only will this honor Boseman’s life as he continues to persevere while combating most cancers, but it may also promote greater cancer awareness.

Honor T’Challa Legacy


T’Challa brought those phrases to life in his first MCU look, saying, “In my culture, death is not the end. He’s with us until we forget him.” Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Considered a heartfelt tribute to the actor both on-screen and off-screen.

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Reiterating that T’Challa is in every life he has touched, the film aims to focus on the supporting members who will play a more distinctive role. Part of his legacy was the betterment of Wakanda, and further exploration of the world of Wakanda can do exactly that- honor the contribution of his special someone in his habitat. Likewise, the inclusion of a real-world tribute to Chadwick Boseman would reiterate his legacy within the MCU.

integral to the story


The first Black Panther film was based on reality, addressing social points of view with a caste-based bias. Beyond the journey of a superhero, Black Panther was a celebration of African tradition.

As Wakanda mourns the loss of their king, they may be in a vulnerable position that could make the nation as well as its ideologies, beliefs and traditions vulnerable to attack. It is possible that the fight against external villains is, at its center, a battle of the beliefs of their long-lost king, who replaced long-standing traditions, emphasizing as an alternative that they Won’t see from now on. Shadow.



Many have predicted that the opening scene of the film could be T’Challa’s funeral to quickly handle his off-screen presence, where the remainder of the film will see how Wakanda deal with the loss of their king and his family. use the words because they are afflicted with sorrow by leaving the ring.

A funeral scene will collectively deal with the underlying theme of his demise, its aftermath, and grief, while remembering T’Chaca and giving followers a chance to mourn the loss of the character.

T’Challa’s son


A circulating fan idea implies that T’Challa not only married Nakia, but they also had a son. Although the blip complicates the timeline, it is a logical risk, one that not only embraces T’Challa’s eternal presence but gives continuity to the films.

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After adopting his father T’Challa to become his son not only to become the King of Wakanda, but to become the next Black Panther similar to T’Challa, T’Challa will retain much of the film and the three characters of courageous warriors. In memory of generations. In a way, this story will be like the first film where T’Challa mourns the loss of his father while all eyes are on him as the next lead.

Shuri as Black Panther


As Shuri is expected to play a more distinctive role in the film, many viewers expect Shuri to be not only the Queen of Wakanda but the brand new Black Panther. It is however not confirmed whether Shuri is the brand new Black Panther, which has resulted in speculations whether it is Nakia or Okoye as well.

Each honor and mourning post-mortem to Shuri involves a personal approach, much like that of Peter and Tony. Matching the tone of Spider-Man: Far From Home, the world will be wanting Shuri as the next lead, while she mourns the loss of her brother, depicting Peter Parker, who mourns the loss of Tony. did, while the world questioned whether or not he could be the later Iron Man.

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