9 Of Martin Scorsese’s Unpopular Movie Opinions

morbius Sony may not have received the expected enjoyment and audience enjoyment, but it certainly received overwhelmingly positive evaluations from Martin Scorsese. Dear filmmaker commented, “I was shocked to learn that it is based on a comic book. This is the truest height of cinema and I can’t even go above it.”

Needless to say, the reviews were false, but that doesn’t mean the director doesn’t have many different unpopular opinions about films and the film industry in general. Between criticizing streamers defending the terrifying horror sequel, which has given him thousands and thousands {dollars}, and what he thinks is his most violent movie ever, Scorsese doesn’t end up at Marvel.

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Marvel movies are not movies

Scorsese has made a lot of headlines in recent years, not just for his epic movies but for his opinions on superhero movies. It’s no secret that directors dislike calling them “theme park rides” Diversity), and he has generally refined and added to his approach since his first response in 2019.

However, curiously, taking into account far out magazineThe Director Has a Comfortable Place for Sam Raimi Spider Man The trilogy, explaining, “I really love Sam Raimi’s movies. And I’m really glad it was a huge success.” It’s surprising what Scorsese thinks Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessWhich was also directed by Raimi and follows Raimi’s signature filmmaking model, so it could possibly be Scorsese’s first MCU film.

Studios shouldn’t care about numbers

Scorsese doesn’t target Marvel with his most up-to-date outspoken remarks about Hollywood, but the way studios make choices based mostly on field office gross. The director defined, “As a filmmaker, and as someone who can’t imagine life without cinema, I’ve always found it really outrageous.”

This is such a strange comment, especially by someone who was given $200 million from Netflix Irishman (Through time limit), and another $200 from Apple to make the upcoming flower moon killer (Through Indy Wire) as nice as Irishman That is, if it were financed by a film studio and had a theatrical launch, it would never have been damaged and lost thousands and thousands of studios, and this is a prime example of why studios should do it all the time. And can first take the number into account.

Age of Innocence is his most violent film

Scorsese went on to become one of the most beloved filmmakers of all time for his gritty and borderline overly violent films such as goodfellas And dead man, The director also had to take pictures of blood Taxi driver Finale hence it will not get X ranking. However, of all his films, the director considers him to be the most violent Renaissance-era romantic drama of them all. Age of innocence.

According to little white Lies, the director talked about this, “The thing that always stays on my mind is the cruelty beneath manners. People cover what they say under the language plane. “In Equity, in . similar to dead man And Brave fighter characters in age of innocence Find yourself completely isolated, and it has an emotional vibe that few Scorsese motion pictures do.

There is no dearth of female characters in his films.

Although it is unpleasant to tell a director how he made his films, Scorsese’s films retain the same steady criticism. Many people think that his films do not have strong female characters, as all the important girls in his films primarily match the “mob wife” ideal, whether it is Henry Hill’s wife, Colin Sullivan’s fiancée, or Frank Sheeran. daughter or not.

However, Scorsese couldn’t disagree more and doesn’t believe that his films lack well-written female characters. Scorsese argued, “It’s not even a valid point. It’s a question I’ve been pondering for so many years. It’s a waste of everyone’s time.” But Scorsese hasn’t directed a female-oriented film in 50 years, an example being 1972. boxcar berthaSo he doesn’t have a very strong argument.

Scorsese Likes the Exorcist II: The Heretic

the Exorcist Undoubtedly one of the greatest horror films of all time, and it is one of seven horror films each nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. The sequel, alternatively, holds an astonishing 3.8 on IMDb and 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, making it one of the worst sequels ever for one of the biggest movies of all time.

But that’s why it’s so shocking that Scorsese enjoys a 1977 horror sequel. Not only that, but taking into account far out magazine, the filmmaker prefers the sequel to the unique film. The director commented, “I liked Elementary the Exorcist, because of Catholic guilt, and since it scared the hell out of me; Although heretic goes beyond that. Boorman may not have executed the fabric, but the film nonetheless deserved better than it got. ,

Rotten Tomatoes Isn’t Real Film Criticism

Scorsese calls the idea of ​​rating aggregators, specifically citing Rotten Tomatoes, “hostile.” While an argument has to be made in terms of rankings from the general audience as review-bombing is turning out to be too broad, Rotten Tomatoes serves a purpose perfectly.

The web site gives viewers a general idea of ​​how a selected film has been perceived by critics, and is not based entirely on arbitrary scores that critics have given. But Scorsese turned his criticisms of the mix web site to the “critics” himself, evaluating them as “the more determined and bloodthirsty crowd nearing Darren Aronofsky’s top”. Mother,

Joker is cinema… but he hasn’t seen it yet

Following his controversial reaction to superhero motion pictures, Scorsese referred to the Joker as “notable” and “has a real energy. Although this is not a particularly unpopular opinion, given that it is a comic book Calling the movies “theme park rides” comes weeks after he’s seemingly grouping superhero movies into two distinct groups — “movies” and “not movies” — mostly based on their individual standards.

and as if it was not already suspected on the condition that he was a producer clown And mostly on the basis of its success it stood to feel financially, he referred to it as “the cinema”, despite the fact that he had not seen it. A few months later, the director revealed, “I saw the clip of it. I know it. So it’s like, why do I need this? I understood. It’s OK” (via cinema mix,

Streaming content devalues ​​cinema

Scorsese believes that streaming devalues ​​cinema, arguing, “The art of cinema is being systematically devalued, sidelined, degraded, and at its lowest point. The denominator, being reduced to ‘content’.” However, Scorsese is once again engaged in his second film. which would primarily be on a streamer and Scorsese’s later venture, betThere will also be another AppleTV+ unique, which could also star Leonardo DiCaprio.

If it weren’t for streaming, Irishman In no way could the Reformation escape hell. And relative to other codecs, streaming is still entirely in its infancy, and while the platform may need its flaws, there’s still plenty of time to address them. Streamers are also good for unique low-to-medium budget motion pictures, as very few movie studios are flagging them now.

3D is Liberating

Some of Scorsese’s feedback has recently proved just how set the visionary autobiography is in his ways, although he has always been quick to experiment with technological advances in cinema. Whether it’s capturing digitally or ageing, Scorsese has always helped advance the artistry of cinema, and it was no different with 3D.

Filmmaker directs children’s film Hugo in 3D, and he defined, “3D is liberation. Every shot is rethinking cinema” (via Guardian) But based on the paucity of 3D motion pictures released since then, it is clear that the format was not as revolutionary as the director thought it would be. It is also telling that none of Scorsese’s three films since then Hugo Done in both 3D.

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