Adams says ‘influx’ of buses with migrants expected this week as Trump immigration order expires | amNewYork

Mayor Eric Adams on Sunday pleaded for help from state and federal governments to handle the “influx” of buses carrying Latin American migrants expected to arrive in New York City this week as Trump- The Era Title 42 ban is set. End.

Adams also warned that the city could be forced to make drastic cuts to other programs if financial support to handle the floods is not found.

“Our shelter system is full, and we are nearly out of money, staff, and space. Truth be told, if corrective measures are not taken soon, we may very well be forced to cut back or curtail those programs. that New Yorkers rely on, and the path to housing thousands of people is uncertain,” Hijner said. “These are not choices we want to make, but they may be necessary, and I But I refuse to be forced to choose the new arrival. I’ll say it again – we need a plan, we need help, and we need it now.”

The mayor said the city should expect up to 1,000 asylum seekers to arrive in the city each week, and called for state and federal help in the form of financial aid, approval of work visas, or other measures.

“We are in urgent need of help, and it is time for our state and federal partners to act,” Hijoner said in a lengthy statement. “Especially in a Congress that refuses to provide the financial resources or issue temporary work authorizations necessary for these individuals to live properly.”

title 42 There is a pane of federal public health law that allows the government to prevent the “introduction of persons” within US borders during a public health emergency. The Trump administration used the law to turn away immigrants attempting to enter the country during the COVID-19 pandemic, even those attempting to apply for asylum.

A federal judge ruled the policy unconstitutional last month, and is set to formally withdraw it on Wednesday.

The mayor said 31,000 asylum seekers have already arrived in the city in recent months, many of them settled in Democratic-led cities by Republican governors to make a political statement.

After a haphazard start that included allegedly violating the city’s right to shelter law and a controversial attempt to build not one, but two, tent facilities, the city now has 60 emergency shelters, four “humanitarian relief centers And there are two “Welcome Centers”. has been open to immigrants, according to the mayor, and the administration has placed children in public schools and spent hundreds of millions of dollars, according to Hizzoner, to feed and clothe asylum seekers.

The mayor has consistently argued that without assistance from other levels of government and more recently the city is being diluted Demanded one billion dollars from Biden administration in federal relief to handle the surge, though it’s unclear whether aid is forthcoming.

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