After shedding half of its workers, Twitter may be asking some staff to return again

Twitter is contacting some employees to return after the massive layoffs last week, in response to Different reports, The company’s new owner, Elon Musk, fired 3,700 people from Twitter – nearly half of its employees – after completing the acquisition.

a bloomberg The report quoted sources as saying that the company requested some of us to return as they were “accidentally” removed. It also famously said it was re-calling other employees because those platforms were key to making choices for Musk Envision.

Apart from this, several posts on the app named Blind also indicated that Twitter may have to call many employees again. Casey Newton also told a source that the staff remaining on the slack inside were asked to make a list of potential candidates who could be recalled.

The company had sacked people in various departments including human rights, accessibility, machine study ethics, transparency and accountability, promotion, advertising and marketing, communications, engineering and curation. It is therefore not surprising that it was felt that some of us may be critical of the ease of operating the platform and working on new options.

Within weeks of launching the company, Musk has promised a slew of new options such as a revamped verification process and a new Twitter Blue experience priced at $8. Tesla’s CEO has also set very strict deadlines for these specific rollouts. With hundreds of people laid off across capacities, it can be powerful to execute issues on time for the remaining employees.

Last week, a group of former Twitter employees filed a category action lawsuit against the company for not giving them enough notice before they were fired. The case accused Twitter of violating employee safety legal guidelines like the federal Employee Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act as well as the California WARN Act — each requiring 60 days advance notice before mass layoffs can take place.

Job cuts have not been a chaotic factor at Twitter following the Musk acquisition. Product rollouts have also been a rush. Over the weekend, many of us received notifications on our iOS systems that the company was issuing a blue checkmark for those who find themselves able to pay $7.99 a month. However, Esther Crawford, the product chief on Twitter, clarified that the information was just part of a test, Over the weekend, Twitter reportedly postponed plans to introduce a new verification system in the US until after Tuesday’s midterm election.

Twitter didn’t touch the story, but maybe because full communication staff was closed.

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