Amazon Photos on Android has a contemporary new look

Amazon Photos on Android has been redesigned to make app navigation and sharing of photos and movies easier for its customers, keeping the service in mind with a similar update to iOS gadgets about 12 months ago.

Now, Amazon Photos customers can search a photo gallery alone from the home’s display screen — with an emphasis on navigation options “within a thumb’s reach.” Swiping up inside the Amazon Photos gallery on your machine will open a new control panel where customers can search for curated options to filter photos by object, location or months.

The new home screen can be navigated using just your thumb and includes a new control panel, which can be accessed by swiping up inside the gallery.
Image: Amazon

Tapping the Amazon Smile brand on the top-left corner of the gallery page will also give customers an entry for options such as buyer accounts, upload and print, while the “Paper Airplane” button at the top right will take customers to a web page where photos are taken. And movies can be shared privately with family and friends.

Amazon Prime customers have access to free, unlimited full-resolution picture storage and 5GB of video storage on Amazon Photos, which can be easily streamed on gadgets like the Echo Show and Fire TV. The Amazon Photos Android app may be mechanically updated to replicate these adjustments for current customers.

These options are nothing new for iOS customers, although they do offer Amazon Photos on Android gadgets, a much-needed refresh to compete with rival companies reminiscent of Google Photos, which offer a comparable free storage space. Does not supply Tier. However, Google rolled out several updates of its own this year, offering a redesigned memory feature along with improved libraries and sharing, as well as pushing these older updates to Android devices. Amazon has been taken.

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