AMC is working with Zoom to show some theaters into large assembly rooms

File this below a collaboration we didn’t see coming: AMC is working with Zoom Two Turn Some of Its Movie Theaters into Massive Videoconferencing Spaces 75 to 150 people when you really want your meeting to make an impact. AMC will even offer “concierge-style personal handling of food and beverage offerings, potential movie viewing, and meeting needs,” though actually for another price.

The theater chain says that when companies are planning a meeting, they will book theaters across the country online, so that their employees can have a uniform experience on the decision. When you book the service, you’ll get a block of three hours in any theater you choose, with AMC and Zoom offering the “equipment needed for a fully functional Zoom Room experience.” (Its timeline for Zoom Rooms video calling firm conference room system,

The service received will not be available in every single AMC theatre; The company says it plans to launch it in “up to 17 major US markets” over the next 12 months.

Press Launch touts relocation as a technique for joining distant employees, offering a “central location” in cities that aren’t necessarily located close to your organization’s headquarters. From an enterprise standpoint, the partnership is sensible, as it allows AMC to profit from theaters that sit idle all day. And AMC is looking for ways to make profits positively; while its Q2 Earnings Report Turns out it’s doing much better than 2020 or 2021, it’s Still expected to announce loss During its Q3 earnings name on Tuesday.

But as someone who has attended a lot of Zoom conventions, I really feel like even theater expertise can be a bit overwhelming. It’s painstaking to think of any of them as improving AMC by “state-of-the-art sight and sound technology”. (Though I’m also struggling to think of anything that wouldn’t be better than a bucket of popcorn.)

AMC also says that the Zoom Rooms in AMC can be used for “in-person events” and also refers companies using it to current issues for customers. This seems like an additional recreational use of technology; I can certainly think of people visiting their native theater to watch a Comic-Con panel or announcement livestream from their favorite gadget maker.

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