An inventory of options Elon Musk has promised to deliver to Twitter

Elon Musk has completed his take on Twitter, and he has big plans for the platform. In a short period of time, he has been at the helm of the platform which has promised issues such as a new verification system, revamped membership program, and higher creator monetization.

Musk has a habit of saying these things openly through Twitter. But it’s hard to know how and how they’ll make their solution for later launch to the general public. So here’s a useful checklist of issues Musk presents on Twitter:

  • Coming to Twitter, the first product change that Musk introduced was Verification improvements Arrangement A few days later, he posted additional details including the new options for the Twitter Blue paid plan. Musk noted that the new system will be priced at $8 monthly and will have fewer ads, priority in replies (one thing Verified handles is achieved through a “verified” notification channel), mentions and searches, and submission of longer movies. facility of. At this time, paid customers can submit 10-minute long movies and other customers have a time limit of two minutes 20 seconds on movies. The firm is already experimenting with issues such as moving the Verified Notification tab as the notification appears to be the default display screen within the display screen.
  • While the new Twitter Blue plan will cost $8 in the US, Musk has said he will change prices for different regions in response to the Energy Parity buyout. In response to a user, he also said that the revised subscription will be rolled out in India by the end of the month. This means Twitter will rapidly grow Twitter Blue past existing markets – the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
  • Musk has already hired the Twitter Blue team to work on better video technology. He said that with the new paid plan, customers will be able to take advantage of it. Upload 42 minutes of video at 1080p resolution, Tesla CEO says work is underway to dismantle the platform 42 minute limit too,
  • New Twitter CEO said the company is in the works Attach long text to tweets, This announcement is unusual because the platform launched its program for Notes, long-form content, in June. As part of this test, a group of writers from the US, Canada, Ghana and the UK gained access to devices for writing long posts. A Twitter worker who was part of a massive layoff at the firm identified that Musk fired the workforce that manufactured and shipped the Notes specialty.
  • The Twitter CEO said the discovery of the platform reminded him of “InfoSeek in 98” and wants to improve expertise. But we don’t know which enhancements to rely on.
  • In his brief stint as the top of the social community, Musk has promised to implement higher payouts for creators. In response to YouTuber Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), he claimed that Twitter could be turning into an S-tier community. In another tweet, the CEO of SpaceX said he could beat YouTube’s 55% ad-revenue share rate with the creators. But that income won’t be significant if the main ad spenders don’t spend large sums of money on the platform.

trust and security

In addition to emphasizing several product modifications, Twitter’s new flagship is also making some significant coverage options. However, it is not clear when these guidelines will take effect and how they will interact with various legal guidelines around the world.

  • Musk said right after taking over Twitter that the company would be pleased a content moderation council In which multiple units can be people sharing ideas. At this time, there is no readability about who will participate in this council, how many members it may need, and what powers it will have. Notably, Twitter already has a Trust and Security Council consisting of more than 100 organizations, although Members aren’t sure there’s a future for them,
  • After a ton of accounts modified his account title and details like profile picture and bio to mimic Musk, the billionaire said Twitter Blue user no one will be allowed to impersonate Unless they specify that it is a parody account. He famously said that infringing accounts would be suspended outright.
  • He added that any change in title would end up in accounts leaving the verification mark early. Currently, there are no written guidelines about this, so we don’t know how this would apply and what pointers parody accounts might need to follow.
  • Musk has also promised to make changes to Birdwatch, Twitter’s crowdsourced fact-checking program. But they’ve just said that it will be renamed “Community Notes” – and Jack Dorsey didn’t like it.

The deadlines for all these amendments are very aggressive, so it would not be shocking if we do not see these amendments within the promised time frame. We will keep this excerpt up to date as we explore these guarantees.

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