Andor Season 2 Confirms Massive Original Trilogy Call Back

The listener reveals the news collider Discussing the arrival of Tom Bissell (Mosquito Coast) To internal management and Writers Room for Season 2: “Tom Bissell is a really cool and really, really interesting, versatile, really good writer. But also a very, very, very big star wars fan, which we really wanted to make sure we had another supporter because we’re going to Wicked [One], and we’re going to Yavin, and then we’re going to the places where we need to weave our way back to the source eventually. So Tom came in, and he’s been great. So he has a few episodes as well.”

Longtime followers will immediately acknowledge Yavin IV as one of the most important famous places in all star warshome of a major rebel base a new Hope, It is from this premise that the Rebellion begins its daring, last-ditch attack on the Death Star within the third act of the film, not only cementing Luke Skywalker’s place as one of the greatest heroes in the galaxy, but The historical legacy in cinema also strengthened the film’s legacy. Past. To this day, the Battle of Yavin sequence remains an absolute marvel of visible results work, the pice de résistance that transformed George Lucas’ fledgling Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) into an SFX powerhouse in a single day.

star wars It’s already back in this place once on the big screen. since evil one a few days before a new HopeOf course, the Rebels are already operating out of Yavin IV when Jyn Erso reluctantly joins their ranks. It is there that we get Mon Mothma, Bel Organa, and various early leaders of the Rebel Alliance to decide their subsequent attacks towards the Empire after studying the Emperor’s new planet-destroying superweapon.

whereas internal management and Season 1 has been surprisingly gentle on the original trilogy easter egg up to this point – Colonel Wolf Ulren does Pop Up – This includes mentions of the Clone Wars, the Republic and the Separatists, as well as several references to the prequels. Several clone soldiers also occur in the flashback sequence. But rely on the consistency of the original trilogy to shift to context when the current one heads into its second season.

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