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Apple has to change how people use its voice assistant, Siri. So far, Siri has been designed to respond to the phrase “Hey Siri” and then execute the corresponding command. For the occasion, if you want to lower the playback volume, you’ll say, “Hey Siri, turn the volume down.” However, according to a report of of bloomberg Mark Gurman, Apple no longer requires you to say “Hey Siri”. Instead, the company plans to change it to “Siri” only.

Would saying “Siri” instead of “Hey Siri” make a difference?

According to the report, Apple has been working on shortening the Siri activation phrase for months and the change is predicted to drift into the next year or 2024. For the feature to work, Apple must deal with “a significant amount of AI training and underlying engineering.” work,” because the voice assistant must understand the wake phrase in multiple dialects and pronunciations. Still, the single-word set of phrases should be extra useful for customers.

As far as the current set of phrases “Hey Siri” is concerned, it includes two phrases, which will increase the chances of the system picking it up. Using a single wake phrase will allow Siri to overtake Google’s voice assistant that responds to the set off phrase “Hey Google” or “Ok Google.” However, Google Assistant does not require that customers continue to speak active phrases when giving instructions one after the other.

Amazon’s Alexa already responds to a wake phrase. Users can say “Alexa” instead of claiming “Hey Alexa” to receive the goods. Speaking of voice assistants, Microsoft shifted from two-word wake word to single-word wake word before shutting down Cortana last year.

Apple may launch multiple upgrades for Siri

The one-word set of phrases is certainly one of the many upgrades coming to Siri. Gurman means that Apple can add its voice assistant to third-party providers and apps, enhancing Siri’s means of getting to know customers’ requests. Recently, Apple launched a brand new Siri activation sound and a brand new voice recorded by a member of the LGBTQ+ group.

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