Apple’s copyright claims ripped down a fan’s archival WWDC YouTube channel

After Apple issued multiple copyright claims, YouTube removed an archival channel containing several decades-old movies from the last Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). Brendan ShanksThe owner of the Apple WWDC video channel says his account has been completely disabled after receiving three copyright strikes in effect Maximum number of violations You may incur a loss before YouTube deletes your account.

In a screenshot of an email shared by Shanks, Apple issued several removal requests against his movies, some of which date back to the early 2000s. Shanks says he still has all the unique video record data and details, and is currently trying to get the content material onto the Internet Archive. Apple did not respond immediately ledgeComment request.

The now-defunct Web site contained old Apple commercials, WWDC classes, inside coaching movies, and more. Gold was swiftly flooded with DMCA notices following the location’s launch, removing its content material and movies uploaded to Vimeo. (You can still view the archived model of the web site Here,

And of course, while this archived content is a mental asset of Apple, the company doesn’t do the best job of making its history available to followers. It seems like the closest factor we’ll find to the official archive associated with the company, but the Steve Jobs Archive is small, consisting of emails, movies, and voice clips highlighting snippets of Jobs’ life. The website was launched in September by Jobs’ family and friends — not by Apple.

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