Best Xbox Series X/S Features You Didn’t Know Existed

extended guideline phone connectivity

Smartphones are part of our everyday life. Thanks to advances in technology, these gadgets help us find shops, keep track of our appointments, and even play video games. An app also lets our smartphones play multiple roles within the Xbox expertise.

Most Xbox Telephone app access are entry and middle. Gamers can use the app to watch news from their favorite video games, chat with friends, and share their latest screengrabs and recordings. But the real power of this system lies in the Xbox’s ability to do a generic remote function.

For the occasion, the Xbox app lets gamers manage their Xbox Series X/S storage without ever having to turn it on. Starting and uninstalling video games is as simple as a few swipes on a smartphone display screen, though the app can also set up video games on the console. Players are not limited to their individual video games; The app’s search performance can set any game on the console that one needs. What good does it do? Why, it provides a headstart for gamers to download video games so they can install them at work, buy it at home, and play without waiting.

Players can also use the Xbox app as a literal away. At the top of its home screen is a button that opens a menu with an “Open remote control” option. This function opens a new tab that turns the phone into a makeshift Xbox controller. It’s nowhere near as strong as a precision controller, yet it works when one needs to watch a movie on their Xbox Series X/S and never waste controller battery. Alternatively, the app doubles as a distant display screen. Simply tap the same button that offered the above menu and select “Remote play on this device.” Xbox will then begin streaming to the smartphone, albeit with a small amount of lag. It’s not the easiest way to play a game, but it does work in a pinch when the console’s TV is busy for other people’s entertainment in any case.

achievement tracker

You only get bragging rights if you can’t return them. As they’re saying on the web, “pics or it didn’t happen.” Achievements serve as evidence of players’ digital adventures, although they are not always easy to trace. Unless you’re using Xbox Series X/S, that is.

One of the Xbox’s top high quality-of-life enhancements is its achievement tracker. The hallmark of this function is its performance in a nutshell: it tracks achievements. The console displays an overlay on the screen that shows you a number of achievements to earn and how long it takes you to complete each. Simple but efficient.

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