Britney Spears shares how a Kardashian conjures up her

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Not even a pop celebrity Britney Spears Untouched by the huge social influence of the Kardashians.

The “Toxic” singer and Instagram darling took to social media to express her love for none other than Khloe Kardashian herself, revealing that the famous reality TV star was a trend inspiration for the singer. She posted a current image of Kardashian and emphasized her hairstyle.

it’s not even first time The singer has praised both the Kardashians’ hair. Last month she shared a video (finally removed) in a hat “I cut all my hair off… I don’t want to show it yet.”

Then she shared a funny photo of galaxies inside a watch, saying Kardashian impressed her:

“I feel so blessed!!! I was inspired by Khloe Kardashian’s hair so I’m working on deep conditioning it today!!! Says nothing impossible!!! Well, I don’t do anything every day ,” she mentioned.

Spears is a decidedly steady fixture within the news, as she typically uses social media. Over the past 12 months she confronted her 15-year-old son for his reaction to her not wanting to be with him until he “gets better mentally.”

Then she said that she would never be able to go live again with a nude photo and a strategically placed heart emoji. That doesn’t mean followers are with Spears who isn’t determined to sing.

Recently, a clip from 1999 reminded everyone why they love the singer so much in the first place. No response from Kardashian on submit, though we’ll keep you posted on any developments.

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