‘Broadway Rising’ Documentary Trailer Proves That the Show Must Go On

“The present must go on!” official trailer for amy rice-directed feature documentaries, Broadway Rising, has been launched. The trailer shows a glimpse of the impact that the COVID-19 shutdown had on the Broadway group when all productions were required to shut down and the way companies worked their way back onto the stage by will and resilience.

The trailer for the brand new documentary sheds light on the impact of the Broadway shutdown that no one could have imagined. Immediately, the audience is launched to an internal connection, connecting people to Broadway as well. Gina Claire Masonwho performed Glinda devil, “Doing something eight times a week, it’s your whole existence being in the theater, essentially,” Mason says, before the lights go off. No one would have predicted that Broadway would ever shut down — as one participant in the film says, “canceling a show is unheard of” — but we see that as theaters close in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s exactly what happened through. After a part-time user tested positive for the virus on February 12, 2020.

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“I was hospitalized for a week. By the time I came out of it, my business was closed, my industry was gone.” John ChristiansenA New York-based costume designer for Broadway, says in the trailer. Her story is quickly adopted by glimpses of other women and men who have lost their companies and jobs due to the shutdown, with more than 96,000 people losing their jobs in industry, including administrators, painters, sweepers, Artisan, prop master included. Usher, doorman, and embroiderer. “What are we expected to do? We are trying to keep the doors open until Broadway returns,” asks a voice within the trailer.

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The documentary may also highlight {industry}’s dedication to returning to the theatre. With low closing dates imposed and no money, the trailer hints at a journey back to the stage on the opening night of September 14, 2021, was only possible with perseverance on the part of everyone. “It doesn’t feel good, but someone has to do it,” Kevin McCallum, Tony Award-winning theater producer, says. Indeed, we see a glimpse of the triumph borne of their sacrifices, with several production workers celebrating the reopening of Broadway.

The ninety-three-minute-long feature documentary is directed by Rice and can embrace the stories of Mason, McCallum, Christiansen, Jewel Blackman, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Adam Perry, Robbie Fairchild, lin notage, Brian Blyth, T. Oliver ReedAnd Tom Kirdahyo, Tony Award Winner Jesse Tyler Ferguson ,modern Family) And Justin Mikita ,Oklahoma!) are producers under their A Kid Named Beckett Productions, together with Sam Bisbee (Park Pictures), Christopher Cowan (Station 10), and Rice (Ha and Xtr’s World). A launch for the film is set to take place this 12 months, following the special documentary’s world premiere at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival on June 13.

Broadway Rising Can be launched in theaters on 5 December 2022. Watch the official trailer below:

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