Bucs coach explains why timeouts were not used at critical stage of overtime loss

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles fielded questions about the disappointing end of regulation in his team’s 23-17 overtime loss to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday and Monday.

Bowles joined News Channel 8’s Dan Lucas for his weekly “Bucks with Bowles” interview, and the coach explained the thinking behind not using one of his three timeouts when his team had 32 seconds left on the clock. Played a play that happened.

Bucs running back Rachad White gained a yard on a pass reception, then allowed 15 seconds to expire before quarterback Tom Brady completed a 26-yard pass to Julio Jones. By the time the Bucs lined up for their next play, the clock was down to only 8 seconds.

Bowles also expressed disappointment in the second half that ironically started after the Bucs’ go-ahead touchdown to make the score 17–10 in the third quarter.

The ensuing Browns series was a quick one, five plays for 23 yards. The Bucs failed to capitalize on their next drive, then followed with four more short drives to end regulation.

The Bucs appear to have escaped a disastrous scenario at the right tackle position as Tristan Wirfs, who left the game in overtime, will not play for just three to four weeks with a high ankle sprain, instead fearing a knee injury. Which could have ended his season. ,

The Bucs must navigate their next slate of games (Saints, 49ers, Bengals and Cardinals) without the top lineman in the NFL right now.

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