Burning a Frida Kahlo drawing to promote NFTs is a foul thought

It’s exhausting on the market for NFT fans – the market has slowed significantly, gross sales fall Since the peaks, and the concerned people of the area are greedy of the strategy to give some thought to their initiative.

For crypto businessman Martin Mobarak, one of the simplest ways he knew how to do it was to destroy artwork by Frida Kahlo, which was worth $10 million. In July, in celebration of Mobarak’s Frida.NFT challenge, an art collector burned a portrait of Kahlo to an enthusiastic crowd, according to Miami Herald, Promise to use proceeds from NFT gross sales for charity.

“I am proud to say that this event in honor of Frida Kahlo will solve some of the biggest problems in the world,” reads the title slide in a video produced by the NFT firm.

but According to new York Times, The challenge has bought 4 out of 10,000 NFTs it has created so far – a return of approximately $11,000 on a $10 million stunt. On its high, the controversial propaganda strategy may have damaged Mexican law.

National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature of Mexico understands It is a criminal offense to operate, and destroy Kahlo’s monuments nationwide. In September, the institute submitted that it was investigating whether Mobarak’s drawing was an authentic Kahlo piece. It is not clear whether officials have shared their findings on the authenticity of the piece.

The Web site for the Challenge describes it as an effort to collectively take collectors, creators and artwork lovers and introduce Kahlo’s work to the metaverse. On OpenSea, the NFT challenge is described as “the only remaining episode of Frida Kahlo’s Diary Painting”, phantasmons sinistrosexist.” The relation of the world, with less interest in NFTs and unique drawing (probably) in the ashes phantasmons sinistros Looks more difficult than ever.

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