Chuck Tingle takes purpose at Elon Musk and Twitter with newest wild story

internet writer Chuck Tingle Targeted towards the CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, in the best possible way — creative writing. Tingle just released a new piece of erotica based on the current Twitter status, filled with subtle digs at the site’s latest owner.

Tingle launches its latest e-book, The physical manifestation of Tweeder’s rapid descent into chaos thanks to inept management from a manbaby Edgelord pounds me in the butt., It’s some guy in the hospital spending time with a dying social media platform, caused by an illness called “Billionaire Manbaby Adlord CEO”. You can guess where the author drew inspiration from.

Prior to the book’s release, Tingle launched a website that is a parody of Twitter, but without the social media aspect, called “twindorThis fake website plays a huge role in the story because of the boy’s love.

“When Robby receives an unexpected call that his favorite social media platform, Twydor is in the hospital, he doesn’t know what to expect. Upon visiting, Robby quickly learns that Twydor has ‘billionaire manbaby Adlord’. CEO’, which is potentially fatal.

Realizing that this may be their last chance to talk, Twider and Robbie are forced to discuss everything that’s going on beneath the surface of their relationship. It is only after this deep conversation that both of them realize their true love for each other.

In Twidor’s final moments he reveals one last way to revive his platform, and though this bump in social media activity may not last long, it’s enough for the two of them to go out with a hardcore erotic bang. Is! ,

This work of erotic fiction can be very brief, containing only 48 pages. This means that readers will have the ability to quickly hook it up to great components. The book has not received any official reviews, but people on social media are impressed with how quickly Tingle was able to get the story published.

There seems to be a market for all of these stories because Musk is certainly one of the many controversial high-profile names that became sexist fodder. In 2016, comic Eliza Daniels launched a book primarily based on former US President Donald Trump. While the previous president was not happy with the publication, in response vice presidentMusk has not commented on the e-book’s publication, and why he would because it is not violating any of Twitter’s suggestions.

What is he going to do, ban writers to write parodies? It’s worse than Tumblr’s NSFW ban.

The physical manifestation of Tweeder’s rapid descent into chaos thanks to inept management from a manbaby Edgelord pounds me in the butt. Now available for purchase on Amazon only for Kindle units. The e-book costs $2.99, which is cheaper than Twitter’s verification.

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