CNN Is Considering Giving Trevor Noah a Prime Time Slot

Trevor Noah left The Daily Show in December. Patrick McMullen via Getty Images

CNN is considering filling one of its prime time news spots with a comedian. semaphore Reported on 15 January. Trevor Noah, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and Arsenio Hall are the names brought up by CNN executives.

The rise of streaming means news networks must compete in a crowded entertainment market, and the move aims to pull viewers away from HGTV, ESPN and Netflix rather than other liberal news outlets like MSNBC.

CNN has experienced major restructuring in the past year since the merger that created its parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery. Last year, Chris Licht became CEO of the network, its streaming platform CNN+ was launched and canceled and the company curtailed reliable sources, Its media talk show which was on air for 30 years. An executive told Semaphore that the company is also considering a diverse program for its prime time slot, featuring several different journalists.

Noah announced he was going the daily show in September and hosted its last episode in December. Stewart is currently signed with Apple the problem with jon stewart, which will make it difficult to deal with CNN. Maher already works under the Warner Bros. Discovery umbrella, so he’s a likely candidate if CNN pursues the position. Officials pointed out that Semaphore Hall is not a serious possibility.

CNN considering prime time slot for Trevor Noah

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