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Cuban Nino Fraguella will attempt to achieve the world swimming triple crown. The final challenge will be between Catalina Island and Long Beach, a dangerous 52-kilometer pickup in shark-infested waters.

Fraguela, 61, will arrive in Miami on January 12 to promote the tour. The tour is sponsored by Fundación Universo Marino, directed by Captain Manuel Rodríguez-Leston.

The Triple Crown, sanctioned by the World Open Water Association, involves crossing the English Channel over approximately 34 kilometers to join England and France; To swim 47 kilometers across 21 Manhattan bridges and finally test in California.

In September 2021, Fraguela completed the first leg of the Triple Crown and coincidentally became the first Cuban to cross the English Channel. He also did it in a swimsuit and not a neoprene suit that protected him from the cold.

Previously, Fraguela had done this route but as part of a triathlon and relay event. In this way he also became the first person in the world to cross the English Channel in three different ways.

In March 2022, the Havana-born swimmer circumnavigated the island of Manhattan. And now all he has to do is jump into the cool waters off the coast of California to accomplish his goal.

Captains Manuel Rodriguez-Leston (right) and Nino Fraguella when they visited Miami in 2017. photo courtesy.

“Fraguela, who has lived in France for 30 years, will remain in Miami until January 19 for a series of promotional activities and to coordinate details on his preparations to complete the Triple Crown,” said Captain Rodriguez-Leston . “We support them with everything: sponsorship, training, logistics and putting together the team that will support them in this huge challenge.”

Captain Rodríguez-Leston, 70 years old and born in Havana, is the president of Universo Marino, an organization dedicated to caring for the oceans.

“I’ve lived in Miami for 30 years and I’m a Coast Guard-certified captain of 100-ton vessels,” Rodriguez-Lestone said.

“I have been devoted to the ocean since I was 10 years old, and my organization aims to educate children and youth about the need to love, respect and protect marine life.”

Support for Fraguela began when the two met in Miami through mutual friends and immediately felt an affinity for their shared concern for the future of the ocean.

All tests conducted by Fraguella aim to raise awareness among the population about the importance of healthy oceans free from plastic, trash and pollution.

In 2017, Captain Rodriguez-Leston and Universo Marino organized the biggest extreme challenge in Florida with a triathlon crossing from Miami to Havana.

“Fraguela ran about 42 kilometers from downtown Miami to the turnpike,” the captain recalled. “From there he hopped on a bike and rode the 110 miles between the turnpike and 8th Street to Key West.”

Suddenly problems arose. Despite the steps taken, Cuba did not give permission and adjustments had to be made.

“We thought we should look for a similar option to meet the challenge and we went to Islamorada to swim the 96 miles to the Bimini Islands in the Bahamas,” explained Capt. Rodríguez Leyston. “Things got more complicated in that section.”

Nino Fraguella in the triathlon event. photo courtesy

The team members consisted of 15 people who took part in the crossing in varying capacities, believed to be helping them with the current. It was not so.

“About five or six hours later, we noticed that the Fraguela was not moving, which it should,” the captain said. “He had gone about 18 miles and the current had reversed. We decided to end the challenge as it was expected to be completed in two days and at that rate it would take four days and no athlete would be able to tolerate this enormous effort Will be able to.”

Captain Rodríguez-Leston revealed that Fraguella became the only person in the world over the age of 50 to complete the European Endurance Extreme Triathlon, which begins with a race from Big Ben in London and ends on the English shores after 42 kilometers. Reaches Port of Dover. ,

From there, Fraguella swam 82 kilometers to Calais in France, and shortly thereafter swam another 80 kilometers to reach the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

In early 2021, Fragula swam across the English Channel in relief with Arnaud Chesire. And since then he focuses all his preparation on the biggest achievement of the World Swimming Triple Crown.

This story was originally published on January 7, 2023 at 10:36 pm

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