Daily Crunch: Say ‘fromage’! French startup PhotoRoom captures $19M Series A

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Hello, Expensive Crunchers! We hope you had a peaceful weekend and that you were able to stay away from social media for several days. LOL who are we kidding? We’re all glued to the slow-moving, painful, Elon-catalyzed pimple accident on Twitter. Now, if only mastodons would name their positions something other than “toots,” we’d be able to go after these. In the meantime, let’s say what we have to do on Mastodon!

Much love to Christine (,[email protected]) and haje (,[email protected]) and, on the condition that these social handles don’t get taken off the tongue properly, we will be back in full force to link to our Twitter accounts tomorrow. We are nothing if not creatures of behavior in spite of everything.

Thealike Top 3

  • get ready for your close-upPhotoRoom, a photo-editing app for e-commerce sellers that allows customers to remove the background behind items, has attracted 40 million app downloads and has now raised $19 million, romaine stories.
  • twitter wants you again: If you were recently removed from Twitter, will you come back? Ivan writes that after laying off half of its staff, the social media big is reportedly compiling a list of people who could very well be requested to come back. Better learn the overwhelming print on that reappointment contract.
  • Putting “Super” in Awesome App: Organizing all aspects of your life in a single app is a big hit, and Yasir is proof. Africa-based Tremendous App, providing ride-hailing, food and grocery supplies and money, grabbed $150 million. fresh is extra.

Startups and VCs

Clearly, the slowdown hasn’t deterred buyers on the travel trade. Travel reservations startup Hopper has just announced that it has closed $96 million of follow-on funding from Capital One, raising the entirety of the corporate to $730 million, Kelly stories. As CEO and co-founder Frederic Lalonde noted in a press release, contemporary funds will be earmarked for a number of efforts, along with supporting Hopper’s new social commerce initiative.

Want to start DAO? It’s not that hard. Want to paste a DAO? It’s even easier, although there are several steps to link. Some of these steps are difficult. Matt is here to help, and he’s invited Alex Taub and each of his buyers to do an extra lesson about how easy getting started and onboarding for The DAO is going to be, at least if they have something to do with it. . Tune in to our later episode of Thealike Live on Wednesday to hear from Alex and Bloomberg Beta investor Karin Klein.

A flattering addition:

Dear Sophie: How can I stay within the US if I am laid off?

image credit: Bryce Durbin / Thelike

dear sophie,

I used to be fired and am on H-1B. I have enough financial savings to survive for some time. What should I do if I am laid off from my job? I am on H-1B, I have authorized I-140 and I-797 which expires in March 2024.

If I have to move to the US, can my current I-797 be transferred to my later employer? Are there any points I should focus on?

– Upended and unemployed

Three additions from the TC+ group:

thialaike+ We have a membership program that helps founders and startup groups get ahead of the pack. You can enroll right here, Use the code “DC” for 15% less cost on an annual subscription!

Big Tech Inc.

romaine Do you take a look at the $790 high-end movable speaker, the Devialet Mania. And he actually makes “portable” use of the time period because it weighs 5kg, so like a speaker you can make more decisions and change rooms, not something you carry around in a backpack.

Professional marriage is in the air, Oster and Velodyne agree to a merger. Rebecca writes that the transfer “signifies consolidation in the lidar industry” and similarly describes the background and what led to it.

5 Ready for Extra?

  • That’s Too Many CryptocurrenciesThe US Justice Department said it seized $3.36 billion in cryptocurrency from James Zhong, who Jacqueline The stories are accused of illegally obtaining that large part from the black net.
  • game on, Paul Updates us on the completion of the $4.4 billion merger of Unity and IronSource. Together, businesses are building a platform for organizing and monetizing video games.
  • come to something newExcited by all the drama on Twitter in the last one week, people were looking for more places to enjoy social media. Mastodon has been one of the many gainers, reaching 1 million active customers month-on-month, Kelly stories.
  • All costs that correspond to deposits: Airbnb is revamping its search so that it can quickly list costs, including all charges, in search results, Ivan writes.
  • say goodbye: in the weekends, lauren There was a narrative about the cancellation of HBO’s “Westworld”.

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