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Voting has kicked off in New York in the all-important midterm elections for control of the governor’s mansion, the state legislature and Congress.

Voting was strong in the Five Boroughs on Election Day after nine days of early voting, with totals exceeding 3 p.m. on November 8 in 2021. More than a million New Yorkers voted in important contests this year, led by a hot summer. The gubernatorial race between Democratic incumbent Kathy Hochul and Republican congressman Lee Zeldin.

Recent polls have suggested that the race is much tougher than originally anticipated; Real Clear Politics estimated that on election day, Hochul had an average of 7 points lead in polls.

Two other statewide officials were also on the ballot: Democratic Attorney General Letitia James sought another four-year term in office against Republican Michael Henry, and State Controller Tom DiNapoli looked to face a challenge from Republican Paul Rodriguez.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer seeks his fifth term in the Senate. The Democratic stalwart is being challenged by Republican Joe Pinion.

All 26 congressional seats in New York State were also ready to be grabbed. New York City’s two major races to watch are in the 11th district, where new Republican congressman Nicole Mallotakis wants to hold her seat against Democrat, whom she defeated for office two years ago, to Max Rose.

Parts of eastern Queens also voted in the race for the Congressional Third District, where Democrat Robert Zimmerman and Republican George Santos seek to succeed incumbent Tom Suozzi on Capitol Hill.

Voters will also choose a representative of their assembly and state senate and fill a number of judicial seats. Voters also answered four ballot questions.

For local legislative race results, visit our partner sites QNS.com, brooklynpaper.com And BxTimes.com,

Below is a rundown of all statewide races, the New York City congressional race, Manhattan state Senate and assembly races, and four ballot questions. The numbers will be updated from time to time as the state and city election boards make them available.

Note: Returns are statewide numbers for the governor, comptroller, attorney general, and US Senate races. Next to the names of the predicted winners called by other outlets such as The Associated Press and The New York Times. All vote totals are preliminary and subject to change.

Governor/Lieutenant GovernorTotal votesPercent
Kathy Hochul and Antonio Delgado (d) (WFP) (i)00%
Lee Zeldin and Alison Esposito (R) (C)00%
state controllerTotal votesPercent
Thomas Dinapoli (d) (WFP) (i)00%
Paul Rodriguez (R) (C)00%
attorney generalTotal votesPercent
Letitia James (d) (WFP) (i)00%
Michael Henry (R) (C)00%
United States SenatorTotal votesPercent
Chuck Schumer (d) (WFP) (i)00%
Joe Pinion (R) (C)00%
Diane Saare (LaRouche)00%
US Congress – Third District (Queens/Long Island)Total votesPercent
Robert Zimmerman (D) (WFP) 099.99%
Jorge Santos (R) (C)099.99%
US Congress – 5th District (Queens)Total votesPercent
Gregory Meeks (d) (i)26,50678.36%
Paul King (R) (C)7,25821.46%
US Congress – Sixth District (Queens)Total votesPercent
Grace Meng (d) (i)22,35270.44%
Thomas Zmich (R) (C) (Medical Freedom)9,34129.44%
US Congress – Seventh District (Queens/Brooklyn)Total votesPercent
Nidia Velázquez (D) (WFP) (i)30,20383.89%
Juan Pagan (R) (C)573015.92%
US Congress – 8th District (Brooklyn/Queens)Total votesPercent
Hakeem Jeffries (d) (i)23,01176.98%
Yuri Dashevsky (R) (C)6,84222.89%
US Congress – 9th District (Brooklyn)Total votesPercent
Yvette Clark (d) (WFP) (i)30,24679.34%
Menachem Report (C) 7,76820.38%
US Congress-10th District (Brooklyn/Manhattan)Total votesPercent
Daniel Goldman (D) 55,46488.36%
Benin Hamdan (R) (C)6,45410.28%
Steve Spear (Medical Freedom)319


US Congress – 11th District (Brooklyn/Staten Island)Total votesPercent
Max Rose (D) 23,60441.91%
Nicole Mallotakis (r) (c) (i)32,62857.93%
US Congress – 12th District (Manhattan)Total votesPercent
Gerold Nadler (d) (WFP) (i)86,55284.53%
Michael Zumbaluskas (R) (C)15,42815.07%
Mikhail Itkis (Itkis campaign)220


US Congress – 14th District (Queens/Bronx)Total votesPercent
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (d) (WFP) (i) 25,32576.4%
Tina Fort (R) 7,09621.41%
Desi Cuellar (c) 645


US Congress – 15th District (Bronx)Total votesPercent
Richie Torres (d) (i)18,62086.05%
Stylo Supskis (R) 2,95913.68%
US Congress – 16th District (Bronx/Westchester)Total votesPercent
Jamal Bowman (D) (WFP) (i)099.99%
Miriam Fleisser (R) 099.99%
27th State Senate District – ManhattanTotal votesPercent
Brian Kavanagh (d) (i)099.99%
Eric Rasi (Medical Freedom) 099.99%
28th State Senate District – ManhattanTotal votesPercent
Liz Kruger (d) (WFP) (i)099.99%
Awadhesh Kumar Gupta (R)099.99%
31st State Senate District – Manhattan/BronxTotal votesPercent
Robert Jackson (D) (WFP) (i)099.99%
Donald Skinner (R)0


47th State Senate District – ManhattanTotal votesPercent
Brad Hoyleman (d) (WFP) (i)099.99%
Robert Bobrick (Medical Freedom) 099.99%
Maria Denzillo (Original Party) 099.99%
65th Assembly District – ManhattanTotal votesPercent
Grace Lee (D)099.99%
Helen Qiu (R)099.99%
68th Assembly District – ManhattanTotal votesPercent
Eddie Gibbs (d) (WFP) (i)099.99%
Debbie Benjamin Carreras (R)099.99%
69th Assembly District – ManhattanTotal votesPercent
Daniel J. O’Donnell (d) (i)099.99%
Ian Mackenzie (R) 099.99%
73rd Assembly District – ManhattanTotal votesPercent
Alex Borse (D)099.99%
David Kasavis (R) 099.99%
74th Assembly District – ManhattanTotal votesPercent
Harvey Epstein (d) (WFP) (i)099.99%
Brian Cooper (R)099.99%
75th Assembly District – ManhattanTotal votesPercent
Tony Simone (D) 099.99%
Joseph Mafia (R) (Arts & Culture)099.99%
Ballot Proposition 1 – State Environment Bond Act 2022Total votesPercent
Ballot Proposition 2 – Statement of Values ​​to Guide the GovernmentTotal votesPercent
Ballot Proposition 3 – Establishment of a City Racial Equity Office, Planning and CommissionTotal votesPercent
Ballot Proposition 4 – The city measures the real cost of livingTotal votesPercent

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