Elizabeth Debicki Dug Through A ‘Tsunami’ Of Research Before Playing Diana In The Crown

Debicki talks about getting ready for the situation in a feature shared by rotten tomatoes tv, and she readily recognized how overwhelming it was to check through the many clips and photographs of the late princess. Debicki shared, “Diana was the most photographed person in the world at the time, we have such an incredible amount of material.” “Obviously, as an actor, it’s just, you open the portal and it’s just a huge tsunami of information that comes to you.”

Diana’s life is usually remembered in snapshots: a timeline of her years within the royal household – and the years following her divorce, when the paparazzi continued to follow her – would accompany famous photographs of her in outfits like her – Known black “Revenge Dress” or his sheep sweater. But there are more shocking pictures, such as a young AIDS patient hugging a time when the disease was closely stigmatized. According to Debicki, she and costar Dominic West, who plays longtime King Charles this season, each tried to create extra-constructed pictures of what they thought represented the individuals themselves.

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