Elon Musk offloads one other $3.9 billion in Tesla shares

Twitter is struggling. Some major advertisers have stopped spending On Twitter because of a change in management. Sarah Persnet, a prominent advertising exec, leaves the day after Musk takes over. Musk himself met with some advertisers, and the end result was so alarming that some executives removed the spending from Twitter. everywhere Meeting, vox media Kara Swisher told, Some of Musk’s backlash and Twitter’s actions around moderation have made advertisers especially skittish, Twitter is not worthwhile and relies on promotion for the overwhelming majority of its income. Musk may have to pay off nearly $1 billion in interest over 12 months on the debt he took out to buy it.

One approach Musk can take to ensure that his debts are paid, no matter what Twitter’s promotional venture, is to pay them himself. William Cohn naughty child have suggested That the oysters themselves paid off curiosity is a likely outcome. But to do this, Musk needs money, and to get the money, he has to promote Tesla shares.

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