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The TCS New York City Marathon returned Sunday with some 50,000 runners running entirely from Staten Island on West Drive and 67th Street in Central Park.

Thousands more people lined the five boroughs in an effort to appease the athletes pushing down the 26.2-mile stretch.

When runners began crossing the finish line just before noon, a series of emotions erupted from exhausted competitors. Soaked in sweat, some roar in the open while others simply cry with joy. The human body, taking tremendous punishment during the race, began to close for some of the participants.

Photo by Dean Moses
Photo by Dean Moses

One man can be seen vomiting while the other is blacked out, forcing several medics to literally carry him across the finish line. Despite the difficulties, a sense of accomplishment thrilled everyone.

“It was really cool, it was tough. The last stretch is a lot longer than I thought,” David Ho told the MNew York Metro while holding up his medal. Ho has made it his goal to run in several major marathons, And the New York City Marathon was his eighth race.

For Ho, the experience, though difficult, is indescribable. He explained that the sheer adrenaline was a lengthy process, while running among thousands of others, as well as seeing thousands more in the crowd.

“It’s amazing… I’m so sad but I feel so good that I did it,” Ho said.

While Ho is a seasoned racer, this was the first time Victor and Alex visited the Big Apple and found it the perfect way to see the historic city.

“It’s been a dream for me. I wanted to do it before my 40th birthday. I’m 40, so not bad. I’ve never been to New York and it’s the best way to discover this wonderful city by running a marathon.” It is,” said Victor.

Yes David. Photo by Dean Moses
Greg Latnik. Photo by Dean Moses

“Everybody should, just train and eat a lot,” Alex joked.

“New York is very special, America is very special. This is a great marathon. Thank you, New York,” Victor said.

The 2022 TCS New York Marathon marked Greg Latnik’s second time participating in the prestigious race and took pride in his finish and shared how he felt.

“I feel great. I paced myself well, I had a lot of energy at the end. You have to start conservative, you have to because you know you have to respect New York City. It’s all of those The hardest in me,” said Latnik.

Latnik shared that the experience of passing through five towns through a marathon is an incredible experience and he made his way from Canada to do it.

“Oh, you know, the atmosphere, the city, you have to do it. I’m from Canada, and I traveled to drive it,” Latnik said.

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