Florida Newspaper Faces Backlash After Saying DeSantis Win Turned State into “Crimson Hellscape”

The newspaper acknowledged that DeSantis had a massive 20-point victory over his rival. “Nothing short of historic and amazing” and he had “Took 62 counties out of 67” and made “The sea of ​​red portends an epic democratic collapse.” File photo: Hunter Cranion, Shutter Stock, licensed.

Fort Lauderdale, FL – A Florida newspaper facing intense backlash After referring to a resounding victory by GOP candidates during Tuesday’s midterm elections this week — including Governor Ron DeSantis, Senator Marco Rubio, and Rep. Matt Getz all easily coast to re-election — turning the state into a In form of “Crimson Hellscape.”

The editorial board of the Sun Sentinel – the largest-circulated newspaper in South Florida – made the announcement on its website Wednesday, touting the election results and the continued apparent developments in the state’s conservative bastion.

“Nice to know you, Florida,” the editorial said. “After Tuesday’s stunning election results, the state’s political transformation is now nearly complete, from deep purple battleground to crimson hellscape, a perfect launch pad for Gov. Ron DeSantis’ presidential aspirations.”

“We now await a second term agenda that includes an open-carry gun law, stricter abortion restrictions, new strategies to suppress the vote and more charter flights for out-of-state migrants, with the governor’s trademark hubris can be presented. ,” the board continued.

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Despite their apparent dislike of DeSantis, the Sun Sentinel nevertheless noted that he had a huge 20-point win over his opponent. “Historic and nothing short of astonishing” and that was “carried 62 of 67 counties” and made “A sea of ​​red reflects an epic democratic collapse.”

However, the outlet also claimed that DeSantis had stacked the decks in his favor on Tuesday. “Racial Gerrymandering.”

The acidic editorial quickly turned heads, and shortly after the editorial was published, it was quietly edited, replacing “hellscape” with “landscape”. No explanation or acknowledgment was given in the article regarding the change, but regardless, it was too late to avoid public criticism.

Christina Maria Pusho, rapid response director for DeSantis’ re-election campaign, tweeted a response Posting a map to the Sun Sentinel showing Florida’s extremely large population “Crimson” GOP Dist.

Can’t get over this beautiful map that @SunSentinel called “Crimson Hellscape”, then sneakily edited to “Landscape”. he said. “I live in one of the 5 blue spots…but even my county shifted double digits towards @GovRonDeSantis this election and elected a GOP State Senator!!!”

Writer and commentator Josh Steimel said sarcastically, are tweeting The Sun Sentinel editorial, “Sounds objective and professional.”

Ryan Petty, member of the Florida State Board of Education, tweeted, “Crimson Hellscape. It’s a weird way to spell freedom.”

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