God of War Ragnarok Release Time: When Can You Start Playing the Game?

After waiting for two or four years, God of War Ragnarok is like here. We know you’re all set to see if the game lives up to the hype (it does), but we also know you’re ready to see if you’re really into playing the game. will be able or not.

in present, God of War Ragnarok The launch is scheduled to take place at midnight on November 9 in your native region. To keep problems as simple as possible, with everyone replicating God of War Ragnarok As soon as the clock strikes midnight and the calendar turns to November 9, one will be able to start enjoying the game.

If you want to make the issues a little more sophisticated, there seem to be some notable exceptions to that easy rule. Because some regions will technically flip the calendar on November 9 sooner than others, players in these regions will technically be able to play the game earlier than others. Notably, this means that in New Zealand they will be able to play games almost a day earlier than in many other regions. As always, those who want to start enjoying the game as soon as possible can always change their location to New Zealand. There are different ways to play the game as quickly as possible, but using most of New Zealand’s moves may be best if they are trying to leap across the road.

Interestingly, it also appears that PT time zone subscribers will actually be able to start playing the game on November 8th at 9:00 PM. While information on that slightly easing launch time is basically based on the release of earlier PlayStation Initiatives, there’s no indication that Ragnarok That latest launch timing would omit the strategy. As such, West Coast customers should try to enjoy the game ahead of time if they plan to do so.

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