God of War Timeline Explained: How Every Game Is Connected

While trying to find the flame of Olympus, Kratos encounters new and old faces, similar to the corpses of Hephaestus and Persephone. Eventually, Kratos finds the flame of Olympus and discovers that he has Pandora’s box. The only way to extinguish the flame is through Hephaestus’ “daughter,” Pandora. Kratos doesn’t find him until he sifted through rivers of blood, killed most of the gods on Olympus, and retrieved a stone from the stomach of Kronos (long story). Kratos brings Pandora to the flame, though along the way, his father’s instincts kick in, and he bonds with Pandora. We are soon taught that Pandora can only destroy the flame of Olympus by sacrificing herself. It seems that due to how Zeus handled Hephaestus, Pandora is entertained to the action. Zeus begs Kratos not to put out Pandora’s flames, and, for a second, Kratos agrees with his father. Then Zeus foils his personal message by telling Kratos not to fail as he fails in his home, which triggers Kratos’ desire for vengeance.

After Pandora kills the flame and himself, Kratos opens the field to say the weapon. Unfortunately, the field is empty. Naturally, Kratos doesn’t stop that element from killing Zeus (and Gaia for good measure). Once the job is done, Athena comes back and tells Kratos to return the weapon from Pandora’s box, and it takes him several moments to appreciate that he ever had it because before. God of war Entertainment. The weapon, as any Greek mythology buff will tell you, was hoped, and it has been inside Kratos. Unfortunately, which means that when Kratos opened the field, he also gave up the good and evil that were in addition, and so he corrupted the gods of Olympus. In different words, Kratos inadvertently triggered the opportunities for God of War 2 And 3, Oops.

Undeterred, Athena calls for her hope again, although Kratos has been burned too many times by the gods, even for believing in him. Therefore, he kills himself one last time to reveal hope to the mortals. God of War 3 Ends with Athena strolling, distraught, followed by a post-credits scene where Kratos once again appears to be overcome by death.

God Of War (Release Date – 2018)

2018 God of war is a gentle reboot that takes place years later of an unknown variety God of War 3, Kratos has left Greece and its gods behind and positioned himself within the Norse lands of Midgard (not to be confused) Final Fantasy 7Midgar). Not only that, he got a new wife, Faye, and they had a son named Atreus. Unfortunately, Faye died before the game even started, so Kratos shuts down the units to fulfill his last request and scatter his ashes from the highest of the coolest mountain in existence. Before he can achieve it, however, he is attacked by a mysterious figure who can’t really feel any pain. Kratos defends the attacker but is quickly pressured to take Atreus on his journey.

Unlike previous entries, the legend of God of war Doesn’t revolve around Kratos’ desire for vengeance. It focuses on his growing desire to be a great father to Atreus as a substitute, as well as hiding the truth of his godly inheritance from the boy. What results in a trek across several regions from Norse legend as Kratos and Atreus attempt to find a path to the land of the giants, Jotunheim. Along the way, they encounter some pleasant faces, such as the dwarves Brok and Sindri and the goddess Freya.

Eventually, Kratos and Atreus reach their vacation spot, and they all grow stronger because of the journey they share. Atreus grows up and learns the burdens that include godliness, while Kratos finally makes peace with his bloody past. Naturally, 2 needs to kill several Norse gods along the way, along with Thor’s sons and the mysterious stranger we’re eventually taught is of course Freya, Baldur’s son.

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