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Twitter reportedly lost a million subscribers in just one week, impersonation without explicit markings is a banned offense on Twitter at the moment, and a lawyer alleges that Microsoft violated the open-source license.

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Twitter’s consumer base saw a huge discount following tectonic changes to the way the platform operates. Just a week after Elon Musk took over the social platform, the platform has reportedly lost more than a million followers, based on the MIT Technology Review. The quantity was obtained by an agency called Bot Sentinel, a display platform for consumer actions. The agency believes that about 877,000 accounts have been deactivated in just one week and about 500,000 accounts have been suspended. This is more than twice the same old quantity. Bot Sentinel attributed the exodus of people unhappy to the changes made under Musk’s administration.

Source: MIT Technology Review

Speaking of Twitter’s tectonic changes, Elon Musk just announced that users who impersonate others without marking them as parody will be suspended altogether. This seems to be in contrast to his personal “free speech” rhetoric, which he supported. In another tweet, Musk elaborated that there would be no warnings as it is now starting widespread verification. This change, like some of the changes before it, appears to have been made without prior notice.

Source: ledge

A consortium of semiconductor firms needs to green their manufacturing. The consortium, known as the Semiconductor Climate Consortium, is made up of more than 60 firms within the digital supply chain. Big names in the group include Intel, AMD, Samsung, TSMC, Micron and others. The group was formed only last week and is now in the process of electing a governing council. It will start with expertise in creating best practices, emission targets and decarbonization methods.

Source: IEEE

A lawyer has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI for infringing on the rights of programmers. According to Matthew Buterick, GitHub’s copypilot feature violates the phrasing of the open-source license. CoPilot is an AI-based programming aid that generates code in real time using OpenAI codecs in Visual Studio in Microsoft’s development environment. The specialty is making efficient use of knowledge pulled from public repositories. The contention is that despite intensive use of open-source code and building new code based on it, no attributes have been assigned to unique builders. The lawsuit sought $9,000,000 in damages.

Source: bleeding computer

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