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I’m sure now we’ve always been to the place where you’re watching a video and any person or kid tried to stop you from doing it and just started doing something else. Well, I actually have. The same applies when you give someone your phone to do something else but they start doing other things and peeping around. You must have some sort of management in place and prevent this from happening.

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There’s actually a feature that allows you to take over the management that’s built-in iOS known as Guided Access. This feature will restrict what you will be able to see on the display screen and what you will actually be able to manage. In this lesson, we are going to do additional study about it and learn how to actually apply it to your iPad.

What is Guided Access?

Guided Access is a feature that allows you to limit your management to 1 single app and also decide what you want to use. You can use guided entry whenever you want to hand over the telephone to your child for a specific task. Let’s say, you give them genuinely checkout or video watching machine, but they find themselves playing video games, then it’s a waste of time, you can use Guided Entry to prevent kids from doing so .

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When you allow Guided Access, these three issues can actually be achieved alternately. they are

  • Disable elements of the display screen that aren’t essential for the duty at hand and even unintentional distractions.
  • You can disable the amount and energy buttons on the machine.
  • You can restrict how long the app is being used within the gateway. This is a certain kind of limit.

So, you can make good use of this feature to solve difficult quirky issues in your life like what you can see or manage in the display screen of your iPadOS machine. So, when you’re in Guided Access mode, you only need to use one app and you can’t see or open some of the other functions. You want to exit the guided entry to return to the Home screen.

How to Lock iPad Screen While Watching Videos?

In this part, let’s see how to allow Guided Entry to lock the iPad screen while watching a video. You must have an iPad and it’s most popular to have the latest software programs to make sure the tutorial below is exactly what you see on the display screen. I’ve installed iPadOS 16 on my tablet and if you have an older version of iPadOS, it won’t be hard to follow.

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  1. Open the Settings app on the iPad from the app drawer or via Spotlight as I have done.
  2. In the Settings app, select the Accessibility part on the sidebar.
    easy use
  3. Scroll down to the Accessibility section and select Guided Access as you see in the screenshot below.
    guided access
  4. Under Guided Access, by default, the option will be disabled. Issues first, allow the option to expose all additional settings associated with Guided Access.
    turn it on
  5. So, if you want Guided Access To allow mechanically after a certain period of time, select Display auto-lock. Under Settings, choose the appropriate time frame that suits you.
    auto lock
  6. Another great feature of Guided Access is the flexibility to set a passcode and even use Face ID to unlock Guided Entry mode. To access this feature, select Passcode Settings from the Guided Access menu. You can either set up your own unique passcode for Guided Access or proceed with Face ID.
  7. You can set a passcode and re-enter it by selecting Set Guided Access Passcode. enter passcode
  8. Now, you have efficiently enabled Guided Access. Now all you have to do is open the app you are using to watch the movie. It could possibly be Youtube, Netflix, or any streaming and even video utility. For the purpose of this tutorial, I am using Youtube.
  9. So, I’ve started watching a Youtube video in the Youtube app and then triple-click the feature button while the video is playing to allow Guided Access. You will be taken to this screen where you can start or end the guided entry with a few options.
  10. If you tap on the Options menu, you will be able to choose which options should be enabled if you are within Guided Entry such as keyboard, contact management, volume buttons, and many more.
    more options
  11. Tap Start to return to Guided Access. So, to exit Guided Access mode, triple-click the Convenience button to see for this window once more. And if you want to resume this lock display screen mode, then tap on Resume. To end it, tap End at the top left of the screen.
  12. So, to eliminate guided entry, you might want to enter the passcode that you created earlier.
    unlock with passcode

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How easy it really is to organize the lock screen while watching a video or movie. You can use it anywhere or in any app on the iPad. You can disable it whenever needed and even change the passcode or customize it accordingly.

Guided Access is a great feature that mainly prevents your kids from wasting you by watching your favorite shows/movies on the iPad. I personally enjoy using this feature like how much I get from Do Not Disturb. Furthermore, it allows you to focus on a clear app and work on it without any distractions.

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To be very reliable, I didn’t know about this feature until a few years ago but it has been around for a very long time. Did you know about it? If so, do you believe this is a useful feature? Feel free to let us know in the feedback below.

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