In ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,’ Who Is Aneka?

Michaela Koella‘s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever The debut is almost upon us! The much-awaited North American launch of the MCU black Panther The sequel is out November 11 and, as is typical of Marvel Studios, details about the film have been locked, except what has been revealed via pictures, trailers, and official press releases. Nevertheless, there was very Data’s Course: The Director’s Smart Resolution Ryan Coogler and Marvel to deal with the actor shortage Chadwick Boseman, each on and off-screen, head-on; Confirmation of a new Black Panther advance (though, crazily, not who he is); And the introduction of multiple faces in the MCU. Marvel icon Namor, aka The Sub-Mariner, in the name of newcomerstenoch huerta), and Riri Williams’ (Dominic Thorne) as Ironheart. Another character confirmed for the film is Aneka, played by Michaela Koel. Manya does not share the identity of the moment that Sub-Mariner brings, although these followers steeped in the comic-book history of Black Panther know that the queer heroine has a close relationship with Wakanda and her protector King. Before his debut in the MCU, let’s learn a little more about the Wakandan powerhouse.

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What is the story of Aneka in the Black Panther comics?

Aneka was first seen in 2009 black Panther (Vol. 5) #8. She was the battle teacher for Black Panther’s personal bodyguard Dora Milaje, tasked with preparing her for combat. Doctor Doom’s robots in Doomwar, Aneka shares a forbidden love with her teammate Ayo, and the pair are assigned to protect Queen Shuri. Upon learning that T’Challa and Namor, who had previously attacked Wakanda, are holding a secret gathering, they lose religion within the royal household and leave the country. This leaves Shuri open to Thanos’ attack, leaving her in a sleeping state of death. Shortly after, Aneka kills a chieftain in response to a woman’s allegations of misbehavior against the women of the village. As a result, Aneka is taken prisoner and presented before Queen Ramonda for justice. Ayo unsuccessfully argues that the killing of the chieftain was inevitable – a consequence of the treatment of the village women. Ramonda nevertheless finds Aneka responsible and sentences her to death in the division of Fort Hahn.

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Ayo strongly disagrees with the choice, so she uses a prototype Midnight Angel armor to attack the prison and free Aneka. They take refuge and promise each other that they are no longer Dora Milaje. Ayo produces another Midnight Angel set of armor and so they each create their techniques at a bandit complex on Wakanda’s northern border. Aneka kills the boys in the hideout, frees the women held captive there. Soon after, the village is attacked by Jabari-Bhumi’s White Gorilla Army. Aneka and Ayo, now commonly known as the Midnight Angels, are aided by the Jabari tribe and various Dora Milaje in the assassination of Lord Mandala, the head of the White Gorilla forces. They manage the land. The Midnight Angels then command the land by convening a tribunal, assembling the communes, calling for elections, and writing legal guidelines.

After the Midnight Angels and their allies The People, T’Challa dispatches Hatut Xeraz, who is stirred to revolution by false footage of T’Challa agreeing to use violent anti-revolutionary techniques. Hatut Zaraz is foiled by the Midnight Angels and brought in as prisoners. The Allies plan to end the attack on the Golden City, but this plan does not come to fruition when the Angels confront the people about how their soldiers violently treat the women among them, ending their alliance. The Midnight Angels free the imprisoned Hutut Zaraj, which is announced by Aneka as a sign that they cannot resort to the violence of their efforts to free Wakanda, and hopefully, sympathy among many of Wakanda. generate. Aneka also takes the opportunity to publicly announce that she had rejected T’Challa and the Wakandan monarchy before fleeing into the woods.

In the forest, Aneka, adopted by Ayo, runs into Shuri, who has returned to life. Shuri confronts the two and asks for their help defending Golden City from the ensuing attack at the hands of the people. The two initially declined, being against the concept of serving King T’Challa. Shuri, nonetheless, presents a convincing argument that T’Challa is a man of honor, as head of the people, who would energize him as soon as he usurped the throne. They agree to assist, and when the attack against Golden City takes place, the men are defeated.

After the fight, T’Challa Birnin agrees to be content with the Midnight Angels in the Wakandan metropolis of Azaria. The Angels make peace with T’Challa after a Wakandan elder made Aneka realize the value of his king, asking that his land be made fair. This prompts T’Challa to set in motion a council to execute a structure for Wakanda that could establish a democratic government, where he would remain king but serve as an advisor to the Wakandan people. in and not as their ruler.

Not long ago, Aneka, Ayo and Okoye teamed up with Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Avengers to seize former Dora Milaje member Nakia (aka Malice) and stop her from using the Mimic-27, which Was able to destroy a weapon. World. Thankfully, T’Challa was able to talk to Nakia and persuade her to join them and stop the impending threat. Back in the fold, Nakia works with Dora to stop the weapon, sacrificing her life to take action, an act that earned Nakia back the respect of Aneka and her Dora-milled sisters.

How will Michaela Coyle’s Anekah fit into the MCU?

Michaela Koella

By necessity, we already know that Aneka’s story simply can’t be a direct adaptation: T’Challa has died, Doctor Doom hasn’t launched in the MCU, and it’s unlikely that the film will have enough. Have time Then an attack by Namor and his non-Atlantis Talokan army to begin the story of Aneka. Namor also sixes Thanos on Wakanda at some unspecified time in the future, and avengers: endgame Almost ended the Thanos period of the MCU. What we do know is that ayo (Florence Kasumba) is already within the MCU, which has been started captain america civil warAnd that’s on a forged record wakanda forever, This undoubtedly provides an opportunity to explore the loving relationship between Ayo and Aneka. If the MCU’s Wakanda currently forbids relationships between members of Dora Milaje as it does within the comics, another specific move could be to address and eliminate the stance for LGBTQ+ depiction.

On the role of Aneka in the film, we now only have different information that we will extract from it. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Trailer. In this we see that Anekah Midnight Angel is in armor. So perhaps a part of Aneka’s story has gone offscreen. Or perhaps Marvel has regained its personal factor and the Midnight Angels are a current, or newly created, offshoot of Dora Milaje. either We’ll soon come to study an entirely new justification that Marvel dreamed up that goes beyond our current imaginations. In the trailer we also see that Rani Ramonda (Angela Bassett) can be very upset about one thing. Perhaps it’s from a scene that the comedian takes components from the eBook arc, and his anger is directed at (perhaps) Shuri’s lack of ability to protect Aneka.letitia wright) or (extra undoubtedly) T’Challa.

Whatever the case may be, one has to consider that many are included Black Panther: Wakanda Forever His factors in being a serious participant in the performance of the story. There is no doubt that Aneka’s character in the comic books is a change agent, a strong, vocal and vibrant supporter of women’s rights, and a strong advocate for democracy. It may be a disservice to the character, and to the fan base, to present him as something less on the display screen.

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