IT TAKES TWO Nintendo Switch Review — The Alike

The game runs very smoothly. Overall, it doesn’t have the high-end elements of a gaming PC, gaming monitor, and highly stable body charge, though it’s perfectly playable and can be entertaining to many on the Switch. Players will run into some little lights, weird collision detection, and camera points here and there. But none of this would take away from the typical feel, they’re only more common and prevalent here on Switch.

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If you haven’t had the opportunity to play this game, this is a pretty straightforward advice, but you should have someone you can play it with. Someone can be your significant other, an excellent good friend, or family member, or someone who basks in the struggles, achievements, and gaiety of co-op gaming. While the level of the game isn’t at its peak on Switch, it retains the incredible core gameplay and shows why It Takes Two performed so well last year.

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