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It’s no surprise, considering they’ve broadcast their desire to do so for the past eight months, the New York Mets have kicked starting pitcher Jacob DeGrom out of the final two years of his contract and officially become an independent. agent, as noted Major League Baseball Players Association on Monday.

Taijuan Walker also joined DeGrom on Monday as Mets pitchers to pull out of their deals.

The two-time Cy Young Award winner was owed $30.5 million in 2023 before the Mets had a team option for $32.5 million next season.

But given DeGrome’s status as one of the most prominent pitchers of this generation, when healthy, recent contracts were scattered around the league – and especially in Queens in the wake of the $43 million AAV deal for Max Schaezer. With – quickly signed a contract which he signed back in 2019. Serious underpay.

Of course, his health remains a huge question mark that could eventually take some of the money off the top of his deal.

Had he not missed the first four months of the season due to injury — and half a season in 2021 — DeGrom could realistically be the first $50 million AAV player in baseball history.

He could still very well be close to that number if his new contract is full of incentives that protect the team should injury issues crop up again.

As he officially became a free agent on Monday, the Mets have the rights to three days of exclusive talks with the 34-year-old before he moves to another team starting at 5 p.m. ET on Thursday. Possibly sign with.

Despite the uncertainty of returning to Queens, DeGrom has expressed a desire to remain in the Big Apple.

“I love having a mate,” he said back in March. “I think it will be really good for my whole career but the plan is to exercise that option and be in constant touch with the Mets and Steve Cohen.”

While he has been more and more silent on the matter that over the course of a season the Mets won 101 games and eventually lost to the San Diego Padres in the Wild Card Series, further appears he is open to the idea. Remaining with the team that drafted him in 2010.

“Jake told me he wants to come back too, and he really likes it here too,” said outfielder Mark Canha mike puma The New York Post’s.. “I Think Jake and Max” [Scherzer] And[Chris] Bassit has a really good friendship that they have developed this year and have good professional relationships as well. ,

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