Jason Momoa Teases That His Dreams Are Coming True Under DC’s New Management

It’s been a tough time for the DC Universe and the DC brand in general. While some might even judge this as perhaps the most volatile hiatus in the history of the studio, they are usually justified in taking action. In the time and weeks leading up to the merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery, there was a torrent of change that has affected the studio and its initiatives. The key in that sea of ​​change was the choice of shelter bat girl Despite investing closely in film, as well as the cancellation of several TV collections star Girl, Legends of Tomorrow, And Batwoman, Despite all the turmoil, the waters in the studio now seem calm and there are people inside the boat who want to move on from the opportunities raised.

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Jason Momoa His work in portraying Aquaman, the ruler of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, resulted in him being without a doubt one of the colossal figures within the DC Universe. The most up-to-date changes that DC Films has seen Walter Hamada turned on the helm by James Gunno And Peter Safran Who took the lead with DC Studios. while talking to ET CanadaA request was made regarding the return of Momoa Henry Cavill What this means for the franchise, and for Justice League going forward.

aquaman The star revealed that he is happy with the new administration that is being established, and is also excited that one of his goals is being accomplished. “I think with Peter Safran and Mr. Gun now at DC, I’m very excited about it,” the actor said. “There are a lot of good issues that are going to develop and one of my goals is likely to come true, getting them monitored, so stay tuned.” It remains to be seen what Momoa fosters, however, on the condition that your entire model is being reworked under new leadership, the return of Cavill, and the beginning of. dwayne johnson As for Black Adam, there could possibly be new Justice League plans within the works. Maybe a conflict with Black Adam?

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As a time of upheaval for the DC Universe, it has also been an exciting one as new options to reimagine its story and emerge better than ever. In the meantime Momoa can continue working towards releasing his next film. aquaman Movies, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, The film has been hit with considerable delay, the latest being its release date has been shifted from March 2023 to Christmas of the same year. While we await details about what it’s like for DC from Gunn and Safran, it’s okay to be excited about what might happen next.

DC’s black adam Currently showing in cinemas. Watch a trailer below:

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