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The Jets’ Twitter hashtag may be “take flight,” but it was New York’s ground game that took them down the field in the final quarter of the game and led to a winning scoring drive.

The Jets’ defense forced the Bills to go out three more as an offensive catch had called back a deep pass that restarted the drive. Sous Gardner broke the intended throw to Gabe Davis in Buffalo’s final attempt at the game.

The win was the Jets’ sixth win of the season and handed the Bills just their second loss of the entire year. New York broke the tie 17–17 by covering 86 yards in the final 7:53 of the game. It was the combined effort of James Robinson and Michael Carter on the ground that landed the ball.

Zack Wilson hit Denzel Mims with a crucial third down catch to keep the drive alive in Buffalo field, and Greg Zurlein hit a 28-yard field goal that served as the winning score.

Jets QB finished the game 18 out of 25 pass 152 yards in the air and no interceptions. Carter and James had a combined 124 yards on the ground and Garrett Wilson had 92 receiving yards on eight catches.

It was a wild sequence that started the second half of the game after the Jets walked down the field. First, the CBS Skycam delayed about 10 minutes due to a malfunction with the jets in the scoring area and killing New York’s speed.

Wilson eventually picked up the ball on Buffalo’s 18-yard line at 3 and 6, but as soon as the Bills got the ball back, he promptly gave it back. Allen threw an interception to Sous Gardner, who brought the ball back to the Buffalo 19.

Wilson needed four plays to make up for an earlier error and made it 17-14 by passing a seven-yard pass to James Robinson to give the Jets the first lead of the game. The lead was short-lived as the Bills tied the game back in the opening minutes of the fourth with a 51-yard field goal by Tyler Bass.

Josh Allen had another tough performance, ending the game with two interceptions to his name. Bill QB had 205 yards in the air.

The Biles hit the opening salvo with a 14-play, 67-yard drive in the first quarter of the game, which culminated in Allen driving the ball into the end zone for a touchdown. The Jets failed to stop the Bills twice on the third down, with Allen finding Devin Singletary for the first down and then running seven yards later to keep the drive alive.

The Jets were able to make a slight dent in Buffalo’s lead, with 31 seconds left in the first quarter.

After the Bills and the Jets are forced to punt on their respective drives, the Bills make some more space between themselves and New York. The Western New York visitors marched back into the field under Allen’s lead on a 93-yard drive, which included a 17-yard pass to Stephen Diggs that brought him into midfield.

Allen punched the ball on 3rd and 2nd in the end field on 36-yard and with 6:30 remaining in the first half to put the Bills ahead 14-3.

However, the Jets responded again with the Jets trailing just 14-10 to send the game into halftime. The nearly six-minute drive was highlighted by a 24-yard connection through the air from Zach Wilson to Garrett Wilson to keep him in the Buffalo area.

Wilson threw 30 yards before Michael Carter drove the ball into the end zone.

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