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Spotify has a brand new authentic podcast, case 63, This English adaptation of the wildest standard caso 63 Initially manufactured in Santiago, Chile Julianne Moore And Oscar Isaac,

Moore plays New York psychiatrist Dr. Eliza Knights as she begins to treat a patient registered as Case 63, presented by Isaacs, which claims to be from the year 2062. What starts out as a routine treatment soon turns into a story that threatens borders. doable and real.

All 10 episodes are available on Spotify at the moment and are every 10-quarter-hour, so it didn’t take long to notice the whole thing. I started it hard but both Moore and Isaac look good. I can’t help but believe that skilled voice actors would have been better. That being mentioned, I believe both of these could be good if ever a short television miniseries or film is developed.

Music and sound results are achieved effectively. I love the format for podcasts like this, one thing about it jogs my memory limetown, Check it out now and let me know what you think.

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