‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Debunks Documentary That Questions the Election Process

as Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Nearing the end of its Season 9 run, there’s one thing that couldn’t have gone unnoticed weeks before the show went into hiatus: the upcoming election. Or in general, elections in general. In current years, the easy act of individuals casting votes – and that includes all manner of counting and recounting – has been disputed by Republicans who refuse to imagine that they have been democratically defeated. The debate over difficulty is so pressing that this essential storyline typically made up a large portion of the episode.

For a few minutes before diving in, however, John Oliver Last week devoted a few phrases to celebrating two world-changing occasions: in Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva The country won a historic election against far-right contender Jair Bolsonaro in an election that signals a future in which the environment and primary human rights will once again be a government priority. Too, Heidi Klum set the bar as high as possible for upcoming halloween costumes dressed as a worm And during Halloween Get Together was completely devoted to the character.

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last week tonight Republicans Ask: Where’s the Evidence of Voting Fraud?

After that, it was time for essential storytelling when Oliver dissects the Republican tendency to question everything related to the election, from poll bins to machine vote counting, to mail-in votes, and everything they do to this notion. Will do it with the intention of ending it. So that elections are held in a good and democratic manner. This may be a resounding and even healthy debate to take to the table, except for one very small element: They offer no convincing evidence of their claims.

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There is one thing inherently wrong with a group of politicians questioning a system—a system that, it is necessary to remember, of them elected in greater numbers than once—when the greatest “evidence” that They Present That’s A Documentary dateline Vibes uses footage from Moscow as if it is within the United States, and blurs out a dog in an essential segment. Who smears a dog?!

It’s not hard to figure out who’s interested in questioning the election results, the episode suggests.

Of course, the movement intensified with the figure that disputed the elections in 2020 after he lost the presidential election. The problem with questioning the process of bureaucracy in nature and whose premise is giving stress to the people is that it creates unnecessary anarchy. and encourages individuals not to vote – which, after all, are the ultimate goals of some politicians. As the episode makes clear, there are many parts that can be debated about how the voting process can be dealt with, but this is not an indication that the current process cannot be relied upon, although it could be slightly improved. could.

So the last word of information we’ll get from this erratic motion is a simple claim that can’t be confused enough: VOTE. Voting is your only weapon to make your voice heard, even if it seems like a small and meaningless gesture. Fostering a state of anarchy and mistrust is irresponsible at least, and jeopardizes the very democracy we have fought so hard for. If we allow anyone to question democracy without providing detailed evidence for our claims, we are allowing people like the dude who shot the trash and Stephen to voice Kevin Bannon, and no one else. Doesn’t want that either.

You can watch the full essentials of the episode below:

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