Latest Sci-Fi News: Multitasking Elon Musk ruins Twitter and ‘Star Trek’ as Netflix lastly makes a film too terrible to launch

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Dar you, Elon Musk! First, you damage Twitter and then of course you single-handedly explode the credibility of your entire star trek Voting. We’ll get to that in a minute, though as quickly as elsewhere in the sci-fi realm, it looks like Netflix — the platform that has produced some pretty fascinatingly unique motion pictures over time — has finally discovered something that is ready to launch. Very dangerous for During this, star wars Followers revisit the most epic second of the saga with new eyes.

Netflix and Blumhouse Quit Dystopian Martial Arts Film That’s Apparently Dangerous Again

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You know a movie has to be a whole different level of awesome when both its distributor and its production company drop it after filming is complete. But that’s exactly what happened in the case of absolute dominance, which is definitely a weeping insult because it sounds so wild that we have to watch it. Described as a post-apocalyptic martial-arts epic, its lattice includes bill and tedK Alex Summer and Patton Oswalt. Do they meet in a cage match? Somebody pick it up so we can find out.

well, alon, now you’re doomed star trek for us too

Not just the content that destroys Twitter from within, Elon Musk has now taken something else away from us – star trekcredibility of. Trekkies reported that a scene of SearchThe first season of – which is already one of the most controversial runs The entire franchise – almost at the turn of Musk’s status – has aged like milk. The way the SpaceX founder’s reference has turned upside down may be a sign that a collection set in the twenty-first century shouldn’t be scrutinizing the names of up-to-date celebrities.

tales of jedic Just proved but once again the duality of fate is all-important

Count Dooku Star Wars: Tales of the Jedic
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tales of jedic was not a very game-changing piece of star wars, although it added a whole lot of texture to Count Dooku, one of the many underrated villains in the saga. And, in doing so, it would have made an already epic duel all the more important. Fans have recognized that making Qui-Gon’s death the last word factor that turned Dooku to the Dark Side shows only how deadly the fight between Genie and Maul actually was. In some ways, you could possibly call this the biggest turning level in your entire timeline.

Four doctors together in an adorable behind-the-scenes picture

And, before I go, here’s a deal for doctor who Follower. Last month’s “The Power of the Doctor” went above and beyond to give a good time to the 60-year history of the present by bringing back as many doctors as possible. This mind-blowing behind-the-scenes picture shows the 4 alternations of Time Lords together for the first time. Namely, David Bradley (First Doctor), Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor), Sylvester McCoy (Seventh Doctor), and outgoing Jodie Whitaker (Thirteenth Doctor). If it had David Tennant in it too, this picture could have been great.

Don’t go anywhere because you’re likely to have additional science-fiction news tomorrow.

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