Leave Peppa Pig’s good identify out of this Katy Perry/Rick Caruso scandal, you heathens

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The old adage never meets your ideals, or in the web age, never know their voting preferences. the world is shocked at the moment Katy Perry’s Controversial votes for an anti-choice candidate, and people are using meme energy to fight again. Peppa Pigyou’re ready

Perry disillusioned many of his followers by promising his help to former Republican billionaire Rick Caruso, who recently turned to become a Democrat: although controversial voting habits have a life-long history, notably For the rights of girls. Perry enlisted Caruso for his views on the humanities and public housing initiatives, though many identified the hypocrisy of voting for a man who voted for the removal of girls’ rights, right after a pro video. Posted.

Now, because the web can only soak up data and respond via memes, they’ve edited Perry’s voting selfie to cast her vote for the one honest pig she’ll always be: Peppa Pig. Peppa’s platform includes the four-hoof method for offense, training, health, and vegetarianism. Four issues of the world can be left behind.

Peppa has faced some controversy over the years for her perceived lack of ability to mature, with the mammal consistently failing to indicate proof of her age despite having been in the public eye for nearly twenty years. Ms. Pig also has no touch on Roe v. Wade, but has been found not in the least responsible for barreling pork to her seat.

Perry’s openness about her voting preferences is nothing new; The popstar campaigned for and voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 as well as for now-President Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

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