Let’s Speculate Endlessly About The Title Of Stranger Things Season 5 Episode 1

“Stranger Things” kids have a historical past of involving cute little nicknames for the quirky stuff they uncover, often influenced by phrases from their favorite game, “Dungeons & Dragons.” Demogorgon, Vecna, The Mind Flayer, and Youth’s Class Distinction are all named “Dungeons & Dragons”, even though the monsters they encounter within the Upside Down do not seem to be from their D&D handbook. I did some digging through my spouse’s Dungeon Master information and couldn’t really find anything related to “A Crawl” or “Crawl” when it comes to any particular monster or phenomenon, although that’s not to say that Will Byers, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, or Lucas Sinclair would not provide with the road separating our world and the Upside Down as “The Crawl,” especially if that line spread like some sort of interdisciplinary wildfire. It seems

At the top of Season 4, the Upside Down’s Hearth(?) doesn’t look like the road is acting as some sort of invisible barrier, so there’s sure to be some crossover between worlds. Demobats will take full flight in the “healthy” aspect of Hawkins, and the silly cops will surely cross the road to analyze the Upside Down. No sure this is a wild hypothesis, though don’t be surprised if “crawl” is the name given to the dividing line at the end.

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