Lex Luthor’s Most Evil Scheme Involved Turning Teens Into Super Soldiers

one of of lex luthor In an attempt to shut down the worst-case plans to turn teenagers into super-soldiers Superman. Ever since Superman made his public debut in Metropolis, Luther has looked for ways to bring him down, and in 1987 The Adventures of Superman #433 He’s done one of his most terrifying things to this point: turning troubled teens into super-soldiers, without their consent; Plus, one of them was Perry White’s son, Jerry!

When DC reorganized their continuity in the wake of Crisis on Eternal Earth, it took author/artist John Byrne to bring Superman into the trendy era. With collaborators Marv Wolfman and Jerry Ordway, Byrne gives readers a completely new imaginative and presenter version of the Man of Steel, in addition to his allies and villains. Superman’s greatest nemesis, Lex Luthor, was also recreated for the eighties: he had transformed from a mere criminal to a billionaire tycoon who ran the metropolis—until Superman arrived in town. Luthor tries to buy out Superman’s companies, however when Superman refuses, Luthor vows revenge. Unable to deal with Superman stealing his thunder, Luthor seeks ways to kill him, using only a portion of (at the time) Kryptonite on Earth, but all these plans fail. Fearless, Luthor reveals his most harrowing plan yet to kill Man of Steel: Project Synapse.

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The story, titled “A Tragedy in Five Acts”, by Marv Wolfman and illustrated by Jerry Ordway, opens with Jimmy Olsen being caught during a hold-up at a leisure retailer. Jimmy follows the masked criminals on his bike. After catching up with them, he manages to expose all but one of them—only to find out that it’s his best friend, Jerry White, who has a son. daily Planet Editor Perry White. Jimmy reluctantly lets his friend go away. Meanwhile, Lois Lane, working on a story about the rise of youth gangs in the metropolis, traces a source to the residence of Jose Delgado, the gangbuster. Delgado was trying to help Jerry, but Jerry ran away. Eventually, Jerry finds himself in prison, where he is brutally crushed by his fellow inmates. At the end of the topic, readers study how Jerry and other teenage gang members have fallen victim to Project Synapse, Luthor’s latest plan to kill Superman. Luther took 100 teenagers (38 of whom were taken by drive) and subjected them to adrenaline stimulation. The 58 contributors certainly demonstrated advanced skill, but died within minutes. Only the two survive the method, and Luther sees them conversing in a bloody fist fight on a digital camera. Luther concluded Project Synapse was successful.

Lex Luthor will do whatever it takes to kill Superman.

Over the years, Lex Luthor has hatched several plans to kill Superman, although Project Synapse essentially ranks as the lowest. Under the guise of charity, Luther took 100 children, and subjected them to horrific medical experiments—and killed more than half of them. Those who survived are actually, for all intents and actions, Luther’s slaves, tremendous soldiers that he can use in opposition to the Man of Steel. This alone is unhealthy enough, but what really makes this plan insidious was not one of the contributors to it; Some of them have been forced to take injections. Such a transfer reveals Luthor’s blatant disregard for human life, and it also demonstrates the terrifying lengths he would go to crush Superman.

Lex Luthor has had it for Superman for years. He sees the Man of Steel as a threat to his management of Metropolis—rightfully so. Luthor knows that Superman will crush him in the Energy Test; At the same time, Lex Luthor also knows that Superman acts within the law—which means he’s not going to kill Luthor. it offers Lex Luthor Carte blanche to make plans to kill Superman And their most troubling affair is the transformation of teenagers into super-soldiers.

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