Line launches NFT market on its platform DOSI 

japanese messaging app LineThe non-fungible token (NFT) unit of LineSubquant said on Tuesday that it has launched a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) market on the NFT platform. Dosi, C2C’s buy and sell service allows customers to buy and promote NFTs globally.

The announcement comes nearly a year after Line said it planned to launch an NFT service in 2022 to offer a market for companies and people to trade NFTs.

The firm says that one can easily trade NFTs on its DOSI platform, which offers a simplified transaction process. Once customers join DOSI Pocket metamask, an Ethereum crypto pocket, they will buy or promote NFTs with just a few clicks. Users will pay with Ethereum, bank cards, Naver Pay and Extra Commerce NFTs. LineSubxt plans to add additional crypto asset and cellular cost providers in each country.

The firm claims that DOSI has aggregated customers in 149 international locations and issued over 100,000 DOSI wallets with 170,000 subscription NFTs since the beta service was launched in September. DOSI’s Citizen Subscription Service helps customers purchase membership factors by collaborating with NFT neighborhood operations or by purchasing their NFTs, known as DON.

LineSubsequent has launched a series of NFT functions in partnership with companies including Korean media mogul CJ ENM and its parent company Naver. The company plans to introduce many more NFT functions to help make NFTs more familiar to the customers sooner or later.

“We are determined to create a new kind of NFT experience for users,” said Yangsu Ko, Chief Government Officer at LineSubquant, in a press release. “It is not just an investment or a new kind of technology. For us, DOSI NFT is about creating and easy to use funds, generating profit for our users and building communities.

LineSubQuant, which has offices in the US and South Korea, told ThyLike that its transaction brokerage fees would be the main income last year.

DOSI is available in several languages, including English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Bahasa, Spanish and Thai.

When asked in which countries it operates the C2C platform service and the number of DOSI customers, the firm could not be reached for a response.

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