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Director Mathukutty Xavier has remade his personal Malayalam hit Helen (2019) as Mili. This movement has shifted from Kerala to Dehradun. But the essence of the film remains the same.

Miley is a nursing graduate who needs to look for a job in Canada as the salary is high there. She attends teaching courses to break down doors and works at a fancy fast-food joint in a fancy mall just to make ends meet. He is extraordinarily close to his father Niranjan Naudiyal (Manoj Pahwa), who is hooked on cigarettes and has one of his hides throughout the house as he needs to surrender the behavior. She has a boyfriend Sameer Kumar (Sunny Kaushal), whose existence she has hidden from her. Sameer might be trying to find a job and is a bit lethargic, and this side is angry with him. She wants him to be more accountable and this is her position to marry him.

One day, as they were returning together on their bikes, Sameer was stopped by the police for not wearing a helmet and was later brought to the police station on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. This separates him from Mili’s father and creates a rift between them. He gets a job in Delhi and is all set to leave. Millie is unknowingly locked in the cold storage of her restaurant by her manager on the same night she is leaving. His phone is kept outside and he has no means of contacting anyone. Her concerned father contacted colleagues and neighbors and later the police but she was nowhere to be found. When Sameer comes to know about this, he returns again and joins the hunt. How she survives for nearly five hours in minus 16 degree temperatures, before it is revealed, gives the gist of the film.

Mili is the story of a father and daughter before anything else. The scenes between Miley and her father are sensitively written and pack an emotional punch. They look and feel like every regular father-daughter interaction in a middle class family. She was raised single-handedly by her after her mother’s death and now, growing up, she has become a mother or father, lovingly taking care of her and even scolding her when needed. Fails to take his medications. at times or when he smokes. His loss when he is caught up with someone he considers beneath his position is real and so is his embarrassment about the whole situation. It is the memories of the upbringing that sustained him throughout his life and, to him, they serve as a painful reminder that he may need to judge her too harshly. She has proven to be caring and pleasant to all, as well as being focused towards her goals, a thing that is viewed with joy by her father, despite her reluctance towards her imminent emigration to Canada. regardless of.

Emotional scenes offer a great consistency to the thriller sequence. The director reportedly primarily based his film on the real-life survival stories of workers trapped in cold storage and the parts where Miley tries her best to stay alive. From eating raw food to trying to light a fire, trying to show off cooling followers, she does everything possible and even befriends a mouse when she feels lonely. The merciless nature of the government is also commented upon, though they prove to be helpful as well.

The film rests entirely on the ready shoulders of Janhvi Kapoor. She has been moving from power to energy ever since her debut in Dhadak (2018) and has been doing better with every film. The choice of his films has been amazing and each has been designed to showcase his versatility. She clearly has no flash in the pan and is preparing herself for the long haul. Manoj Pahwa and Sunny Kaushal have given him a ready firm.

Overall, Mili is a great entertainer with an emotional undertone. What more do you need to ask?

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Renuka Vahaye, 4 November 2022 at 2:30 pm IST

Critics Ranking:


Story: Mili Naudyal (Janhvi Kapoor), a 24-year-old nursing graduate from Dehradun, hopes to move to Canada for better prospects, until she indulges herself in soup. She’ll be tucked away in the walk-in freezer of a quick food joint and doesn’t mind getting out of this unusual death trap.

Review: Up to date horror, it’s fascinating when the filmmakers turn life and circumstances into a terror playground on a regular basis. The premise is interesting but the circumstances don’t add up well and the opportunities don’t provoke the panic and paranoia expected in a situation like this. Millie isn’t a thriller, though even for a live drama of this nature, you anticipate the pulse-pounding, clock ticking, temperature-dropping pressure that generates claustrophobic nerve power. The Hindi adaptation of Malayalam film ‘Helen’ (2019), made by the same director – Mathukutty Xavier, the film feels unhappy and even anxious in comparison. Malls are closed, lights are turned off and women are not afraid of getting themselves caught in the extreme cold.

The remake floats between a single dad-daughter saga and a survival drama and works better than ever. The story takes a long-winded road before engaging in business and a slightly more painstaking attempt at moral policing in small towns, involving pesky cops, roadside Romeo, and others. It all feels tedious and static, with unexpected characters engaging in uninterrupted dialogue. In the investigation of Miley’s whereabouts, flaws have also come out like a sore throat.

Through her spirited performances in Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl, Zoya Akhtar’s section in Ghost Stories and Good Luck Jerry, Janhvi Kapoor pleasantly stunned us with her drive to dive into unknown territory as a newcomer. Gave. Millie is yet another attention-grabbing profession option. However, the payoff isn’t exactly the same.

Set in an enclosed freezing cold space, the film is the ordeal of Janhvi as an actor and it unravels the jibes in her armor. More than her wrestling to escape and escape the freezer (-17 levels), you may be distracted by her seen efforts to embody the simplicity and combative spirit of her character, a thing that Anna in Helen (Authentic Film) Felt natural for Ben. Dressed in modest kurtis, as an unusual Hindi-speaking ‘Aap-Hum’ Hindi-speaking woman from Dehradun, she struggles to adapt to and live in her environment. Manoj Pahwa is brilliant as Mili’s loving and single father and Sunny Kaushal as Mili’s lover Sameer.

Looking at Millie’s territory, you miss the character complexities here, a thing Danny Boyle portrayed in his gut-wrenching slow-burning “127 Hours” or Rajkummar Rao in “Trapped.” Millie lacks the nerve-wracking, gripping depth that’s most important to this genre.

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