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‘The Art of Murder’
brain cage is a 2022 American thriller film about two spies who seek the help of a serial killer to catch a copycat maniac.

directed by Mauro Borelli (warhunt, memory, ghost maker, haunted forest) from a screenplay by Reggie Keohara III (warhunt, memory,

The film stars John Malkovich, Martin Lawrence, Melissa Roxburgh, Aiden Turner, Jacob Grodnick, Richie Montgomery, Jeremy Turner and Cassandra Gawa.

plot synopsis:
Detectives Jake Doyle (Martin Lawrence) and Mary Kelly (Melissa Roxburgh) seek the help of an inmate serial killer named The Artist (John Malkovich) when a copycat killer attacks. While Mary searches for clues into The Artist’s sane but horrifically twisted psyche, she and Jake are lured into a diabolical game of cat and mouse, which races through time to stay one step ahead of the artist and his imitators. Used to be …

in America, brain cage Will be launched theatrically and on Digital and Daemon (VOD) by Lionsgate on December 16, 2022.


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