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Google Keep is a great tool that works offline. It is an exercise taking app but there is so much more. When I’m a passenger in a car and I have some concepts I want to get down, Google Keep is the fastest way to get it done. sticky notes
Essentially, Google Keep is a sticky inspection software. However, it has notification and reminder functionality in addition to sharing flexibility. Despite everything it is Google.
You can search your Keep notes with your Google Account. Create a track in your phone and then go To just enter your track in your laptop.
Google Docs
Google Keep integrates with Google Docs 2 methods. The first is the sidebar of Google Docs containing the Google Keep icon. Click on the document to point to your notes as you type it. You can drag the inspection to the doctor.
Another way is to flip your Google Keep entirely to Google Docs. You can do this from mobile or web.
Click on the three dots icon to decide on “Share” from Cellular. One of the share options is “Copy to Google Docs”. This creates a model new Google Doc in your Google Drive.
I find copying a Google Doc so convenient. It’s healthier to brainstorm in the funnel or finish my concepts early. If it turns out to be something extra or I want to take it to my laptop computer then converting it to a Google Doc is the way to go.
If it’s normal gamble I just leave track in Keep and have no Doc cluttering my drive.

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