Netflix’s bodybuilder crime documentary knocks out the competitors on streaming in 41 international locations

Netflix’s fascination with true crime isn’t limited to theatrics. A new hard-hitting true crime documentary around a former bodybuilder is debuting on the streaming service, topping the ten most-watched in 41 countries,

bloody sally Almost Out of Nowhere has a decent success on streaming, with the brand new documentary gunning for the highest worldwide spot. Netflix’s eye-opening collection sees Sally McNeil returning after 26 years to debate the alleged second-degree murder of her husband, Ray McNeill.

Sally McNeil, often referred to as Killer McNeil, was a bodybuilder in the US Army and received the armed body championship in the late eighties before it all came crashing down in 1996. McNeil pleads in self-defense to cost the murder, and now the Netflix documentary sees him at last able to inform his side of the story to the general public, be it much more than initial reporting or believing in the courtroom. is complicated.

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Nanette Burstein, who previously worked on documentaries Hillaryand a sports activities document on three young boxers on the ropes, bloody sally There is a setback to rise as much as the chart’s high. The case itself is not something the general public had previously expressed much interest in, with McNeill’s Wikipedia web page the text being barely that long.

The documentary additionally revisits McNeill as a victim of abuse, giving additional gas to his self-defense claims as the case continues to hang on him years from his release from prison.

bloody sally It has three episodes and is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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